VIDEO: Is Binay Lying about his “Laki sa Hirap” Campaign?

From the start of Binay’s campaign, it has always been his mantra to people. That he is “Laki sa Hirap.” Or that he came from poverty. Most people won’t argue that most of his target voters are families in poverty wanting help from someone of their own. With that catch phrase people perceive him to be relatable, approachable, humble and they think that he will prioritize the needs of people in poverty because he himself “understands” what people from rich families don’t or have never experienced.

From his campaigns in lower office to VP and now presidency, he tells his story of him coming from a poor family and not having enough money to buy medicine for his mother which resulted in her death. This touched the hearts of many people who are in this situation of not having a choice to save their loved ones because they do not have the means to.

Video has been going around social media pertaining to Binay’s campaign of “Laki sa Hirap” mainly because when he was asked where his wealth came from he said that he got it from his mother and that his mother was wealthy.

The video asks: Which is the truth and which one is the lie? 

What do you think?


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