VIDEO: Insane Highschool basketball game ends with Buzzer Beaters and 4 OTs!

This might as well be the most jaw-dropping basketball game of the year so far — and it didn’t happen in an NBA game or College Basketball.

According to reports, Waseca High School and Marshall High School were fighting for a spot in the state tournament. The two teams fought long and hard, leading to four overtime games.

The game could have ended a lot sooner; but the fates were good to both teams, giving them some uncanny power to drop buzzer-beaters left and right! I mean, really, that many buzzer-beaters just isn’t normal.

The game finally ended after the fourth overtime game, With Waseca HS hitting a final three-point buzzer-beater to up the score 103-100.

If they failed to make that shot, I wonder how long they would play on.

If you haven’t seen this crazy game yet, check out the video below:


Have you seen a basketball game as insane as this?!