VIDEO: How Her Deceased Child Allegedly Says Goodbye Will Break Your Heart

This heartbreaking video is trending on social media right now. It showed a child’s wake where a single white balloon slowly floated from the center of the room to the mother of the deceased. You can see the mother crying on the video, seemingly overwhelmed with grief. Then, she touched the balloon as it circles her as if it was comforting her.

We reached out to Joy, the mother, and sent our condolences. She told us that her son was only 7 years old when he lost his battle with leukemia. According to her, his child passed away due to septic shock from the complications during his chemotherapy.

Some people feel a strong presence from their loved ones after they pass away. Some have stories that tell seeing their loved ones in their dreams, getting phone calls, or hearing and seeing them. Even though there is no scientific proof to these claims, people find comfort in believing that these symbolic, and sometimes cryptic, messages are their loved ones’ ways of telling them that everything will be okay.

Have you ever felt the presence of a loved one who has just passed away? Share your story with us.


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