VIDEO: Gabe Piolo “Looks Along The Way” at his Farewell Gig

Article and video by Ej Bonagua

Last June 3, Gabe Piolo held his “Farewell” gig in saGuijo Café + Bar, bringing along a solid lineup consisting of Imago’s ex-vocalist, Aia de Leon; Honeydrop, coming all the way from Cebu; and some of the indie-scene’s mainstays, Infinity Blues, Rob & the Hitmen, Banna Harbera, Autotelic, and Jensen & the Flips.

Gabe announced his decision to bid farewell to his solo artist project, but certainly not to the music scene. As he said in his Facebook post after his gig, “THE GABE PIOLO SOLO ARTIST PROJECT WILL BE ON HIATUS. I’m leaving my door open to other projects, which I think is exciting. So watch out for something new anytime soon.”

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Gabe PioloGabe Piolo

We can certainly “look along the way” to the “possibilities” that may come as Gabe moves forward in his career. Who knows, he may stage a big comeback next year, or maybe be in a bandanything you can imagine.

Seeing how packed the venue was, you can see the overwhelming support everyone gave Gabe. There would be a lot looking forward for the next chapter in Gabe’s music career.

Check out the video below to see what went down.

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