Video: Angry Airport Police Smashes Glass Window on Taxi in NAIA 3

Video: Angry Airport Police Smashes Glass Window on Taxi in NAIA 3



On Friday, a video of a heated argument between an airport police and a taxi driver was posted online. According to the netizen who posted the video, the encounter happened in NAIA 3. A screenshot of the video revealed that the officer is dressed in uniform with the Manila International Airport Authority badge.

NAIA 3 Driver VS. Police (1) 

At the start of the video, it appears that an argument is already ongoing between the officer and the taxi driver. The officer is asking the driver to surrender his license, which the driver resisted. The driver emphatically said that there are many others before him who did the same thing, which lead to a certain violation. The driver said that they should be apprehended first before him. At this part, the violation wasn’t clear yet with the officer shouting, “Alam mo ba kung anong kaso mo? Ano ba ang kaso mo?” (Rough translation: Do you know your violation? What dis you violate?)

While refusing to give his license, the driver began to move his taxi since the car in front of him has moved. The officer then began tapping the hood of the car, but the driver still didn’t give in.

When the taxi stopped, the officer moved back on side of the driver while saying, “Hindi yun ang kaso mo. Dun ka nagsakay, sa gitna.” (Rough translation: That’s not your violation. It’s because you picked up passengers in the middle <of the road>)

The driver defended that many have picked up passengers there. 

Then, the officer started slamming on the glass window on the driver’s side until it got smashed into pieces.

The officer continued on asking the driver for his license while shouting cuss words. The driver, while still defending himself saying that many have picked up passenger there, eventually gave in and surrendered his license.

Watch the full video below.


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Video: Angry Airport Police Smashes Glass Window on Taxi in NAIA 3