Vico Sotto to Remove ‘Ineffective’ Odd-Even Coding Scheme in Pasig

After defeating incumbent mayor Bobby Eusebio in the recently concluded midterm elections, the new mayor-elect of Pasig City, Vico Sotto, is envisioning a number of changes for the city  — one of which includes the removal of the odd-even coding scheme.

Pasig City

A tweet from Sotto dating back to March 2019 shows him talking to a concerned netizen regarding the coding scheme, which has been in effect since 2017. He explained that he had been the only councilor then who opposed the scheme, calling it “unfair and ineffective.” He then promised that he will be removing it on his first day in office.

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The current odd-even scheme prohibits motorists from passing through select roads on alternating days from Monday to Saturday from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. Plate numbers ending in odd numbers are allowed to pass through the roads on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while plate numbers ending in even numbers can do so on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Those caught violating the rule are fined Php500. The scheme is lifted during Sundays and holidays.

Are you for or against Vico Sotto’s plan to remove the odd-even scheme in Pasig City?

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