Vice Ganda honors frontliner sister in Instagram post

Many people are fighting on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, and Vice Ganda’s sister is one of them. On Instagram, the comedian posted a picture of his sister, Ma. Cristina Viceral, while at work.

He honors his sister in the post by saying, “I have always been proud of you. Pero ngayon nakakaiyak ang pagiging proud ko sayo. Araw araw natatakot ako para sa’yo. Pero araw araw mas ipinagmamalaki kita. (I have always been proud of you. But now, being proud of you makes me cry. Every day, I’m scared for you, but every day I grow more proud of you.)”

The comedian adds, “Dati sabi mo ang dahilan kaya gusto mong magdoktor kasi gusto mo lang alagaan ang lalamun at boses ko. Pero ngayon ang mundo na ang inaalagaan mo. (Before, you said the reason why you want to become a doctor is because you want to take care of my throat and my voice. But now, you’re taking care of the entire world.)”

Vice Ganda has also previously donated face masks and medical supplies to frontliners of four hospitals.

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