Vice Ganda Calls Out DFA For Showing Pirated Movie, DFA Responds

WATCH Second Teaser of Popoy and Basha in A Second Chance

Waiting in line in government offices can be a pain in the butt, which probably explains why the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) satellite office in Ali Mall screens A Second Chance, the sequel to one of the most popular Filipino movies. Except the copy they’re screening is pirated. It might not have made news if the person who saw it wasn’t a manager of Star Cinema (the producer of the movie) and if it wasn’t retweeted by one of the country’s most bankable stars.

Star Cinema’s advertising and promotions manager Mico del Rosario tweeted a picture of the TV screening A Second Chance, which comedian Vice Ganda reposted. According to del Rosario, “Dear DFA Ali Mall, bakit po kayo nagpapalabas ng pirated copy ng A Second Chance diyan? Blatant na po talaga ang paglabag sa batas? Umm… Government agency po kayo?” (“Dear DFA Ali Mall, why are you screening a pirated copy of A Second Chance? You’re blatantly breaking the law. Umm… you’re a government agency.”)

Vice captioned his post with, “This is disgusting! Hoy, DFA Ali Mall, ang garapal nitong ahensya ng gobyerno na ito!” (Rough translation: “This is disgusting! This government agency has the nerve to screen a pirated movie!”)

He then followed this up with a joke, saying, “Langya magpalabas ba ng pirated na A Second Chance e meron namang pirated na Beauty and the Bestie! Chozzzz!#NoToPiracy” (“Why would they show a pirated copy of A Second Chance when there’s a pirated copy of Beauty and the Bestie! Just kidding! #NoToPiracy”).

Vice is the star of the Metro Manila Film Festival movie Beauty and the Bestie.

The DFA has responded, saying that they’re already investigating the matter and that those responsible will be given disciplinary action. Their statement reads:

The Department of Foreign Affairs has never authorized any showing of pirated movies in any of its passport satellite offices in Metro Manila. We are looking into the complaint and personnel found involved will be dealt with disciplinary action in accordance with existing rules and regulations.

Have you seen this in any of the DFA offices? Share your experience below!