Vibora: A Glimpse of Fast, Minimal Fashion

Vibora: A Glimpse of Fast, Minimal Fashion

Are you the type who dons a ton of colors everyday? What if one day, you feel like you could use a change in your wardrobe and go for what is trending today, that is minimalist fashion. Don’t worry! I think I can help you out by showing you a few things from this collection that I saw recently!

Just to let you know, minimalist fashion is in itself, a style that requires nothing but minimal colors and designs (but not clothing, haha!) that can go from day to night without making you look over or underdressed! Wouldn’t that be just black and white? Of course, you can experiment with other solid or neutral colors for this type of style, but if you just want to immerse yourself in its basic nature, then donning blacks and whites could already be a good start for you! 

To help you out, here is the perfect collection for you to take inspiration from. It is from a new brand called Vibora, which takes inspiration from the world of fast fashion and K-pop, fused together to give a new perspective to minimalistic style. 

Vibora Philippines

Here’s one for the males right there! Since the colors are mainly black and white, you can choose pieces with big key statement designs like this one, to bring more depth to a simple shirt and jeans combo. 

Vibora Philippines

Are you a skirt kind of person? Then grab your favorite pair and take it from this lady right here who knows how to up the ante with her biker-chic style! 

Vibora Philippines

This is my personal favorite from the collection, it’s a shirt-shorts combo paired with heeled man-dals! I would totally wear this multiple times because it calls to me as a balance of formal and casual clothes! You could totally wear this from day to night. 

Vibora Philippines

If you’re feeling a bit daring, then you can go for something like this! The crop top has a triangular mesh hole for detail and allows for a little breeze to get in if you’re wearing this on a hot day. Pair it with pants and sneakers for an edgy-sporty feel. 

There you have it! I hope you liked my quick introduction to minimalist fashion with Vibora Philippines! You can check out Vibora on social media, too:




Facebook: Vibora Philippines

Instagram: @viboraphilippines



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Vibora: A Glimpse of Fast, Minimal Fashion


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