Vets Plus: Your Go-To Clinic for Preventative Care

Looking for a place that specializes in preventative care? Then visit Vets Plus, a veterinary clinic specializing on preventative care that recently opened its first branch at Mandala Park, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong.

“We focus on preventative vet care in a low-stress environment — for both pets and pet parents alike.”

Since Vets Plus isn’t a hospital, they don’t deal with emergency cases. However, they specialize on is a preemptive approach. “We seek to assess health risks of your pet, so we can perform early intervention and hopefully interrupt the development of diseases.” As they say: prevention is better than the cure!

The clinic offers wellness packages, which is an equivalent to an annual health checkup for humans, dubbed as nose-to-tail and whiskers-to-tail.

Those who want to avail of these packages have two options: the basic package (Php995) or the comprehensive package (Php3,000). Both wellness packages include a comprehensive physical exam; weight & nutrition evaluation; behavioural evaluation; flea, tick & worm preventative medication; and an injectable vitamin shot. The comprehensive package includes all of the above with the addition of a complete health analyzer — Basic Bloodwork, Stool Test, and FiV & FeLV Test for felines and Titer Test for canines.

The packages are meant to give you a general idea and somewhat a forecast of your pet’s overall health.

“When you avail of the Comprehensive Wellness Package, you can get a layout of your pet’s health for one whole year, that’s one year’s worth of peace of mind. An affordable alternative is the Basic Checkup, which is good for at least 6 months.”

The clinic also practices fear-free methods.

“We practice fear-free methods because we want dogs and cats to feel safe and secure from the waiting room, to the exam room and during treatments. These methods include the way we greet and handle animals, how we set up the environment they are in, among many others.”

“We believe that a pet’s emotional state is just as important as their physical health, especially during vet visits which can be very stressful. We don’t think that terrified, stressed-out dogs and cats at veterinary visits should be considered the norm. This is not a new concept, it’s an up-and-coming trend in the American vet community.”

Vets Plus also strives to be a convenient option for pet parents.

“At our clinic, parking is not a problem; you can book appointments in advance; and we are always open late until 10pm (Mon to Sun including holidays). We always try our very best so that every visit is fun, fear-free and low-stress for everyone!”

Doesn’t that sound great? There’s more! Vets Plus is also giving a 10% discount on all wellness packages — Nose-to-Tail & Whiskers-to-Tail at the clinic. All you have to do is show them this article on When in Manila when you get there or mention that you found out about them via this article when booking your visit. Enjoy!

Vets Plus Philippines

Mandala Park, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong

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