Vermeil Necklaces are Perfect for Beach-Loving Girls

I have always loved nice beach-inspired accessories. If you love going on vacation yourself, you should wear some proud, too. These necklaces from Vermeil are statement pieces that every island girl will love. They’re a piece of the sea that you can always carry around to remind yourself of the peace and calmness that the sea always offers.

Screen Shot 2018 11 26 at 8.35.48 PM

They come in silver, gold and bronze colors, as well as in different designs. I personally love the silver necklace with a wave design.

Screen Shot 2018 11 26 at 8.37.37 PM

These items are perfect gifts for island girls. They come in a very posh velvet pouch and cardboard inside for a proper presentation as a gift.

Screen Shot 2018 11 26 at 8.37.04 PM

The silver one is my favorite piece because it’s a small statement piece that you can wear with any outfit, whether in the city or during your trips.

Screen Shot 2018 11 26 at 8.36.31 PM

I always keep silver and gold accessories. I wear them alternately to match different outfits. This gold one is a little bigger than the other two.

If you are looking for an everyday accessory or a gift for your friends, these necklaces are perfect for the job. They are locally made by artisans to make sure that you always have a piece of home near your heart.