VENTURE: A weekend market that’s sure to excite the little explorer in you



2015 brought us a number of gifts that have now become an ordinary thing for the everyday adventure seeker: food trips, art gallery hopping, mountain climbing, antique shop hunting, and a lot more. However, there is also a new pain that people experience, which is having to lose a lot of time braving through traffic, and going to different places that are generally far apart. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were one place where we could just have it all? Well, that’s what VENTURE Weekend Market is all about!

A group of UA&P IMC students envisioned a weekend market that carefully gathers a new breed of entrepreneurs who value their own crafts and share this passion through their businesses. This 2-day event on February 6-7, to be held in UP Town Center, is gonna be anything but boring. Aside from it being free for entry, exclusive prizes will be given away through a raffle draw (and I can guarantee these prizes are gonna be awesome, just keep posted on their Facebook page.)

VENTURE is sure to excite the little explorer in you through the unique, out-of-the-box products you can buy, their food and beverages that can easily excite your inner foodie, and music that can truly complete the whole adventurous experience from bands that are truly passionate about their art. These and many many other things will easily make the trip to Katipunan extremely memorable so make sure to mark your calendars this February.