Velvet by Jing Monis: Celebrity Hair Styling For The Holidays!

Everyone’s favorite season is here… aka Christmas time! ‘Tis the season for indulgent noche buenas, family reunions (opo tita, tumaba ako! Can we move on now, please?) and the celebration for new beginnings. Of course, beckoning Christmas dinners and holiday parties call for a new hairstyle that is well, in season!


I was so stressed for what was such a long span of seven days, so all week long I was looking forward to my visit to Velvet by Jing Monis, located at Maxims Hotel in Resorts World Manila. My long hair, which I grew out for an entire year, while earning praises from my friends, was getting tired, dull and rather unhealthy.


One year’s worth of growing my hair out.

Confession time: the last haircut I got was in January of this year. Eeep! Besides a soothing keratin treatment done back in June, that was the last time I had anything done to my hair. So you could imagine the damage my hair had just gone through!


Truth is, I made a promise to my mom NOT to have my hair colored again for another year. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be treated to Jing Monis hair care — the hands that has only touched the manes of the likes of Kathryn Bernardo, Anne Curtis, Phoemela Baranda, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Andi Eigenmann and so much more!

After rocking a fiery red in 2014, I was almost tempted to make a comeback, but I thought: this was my hair color EXACTLY a year ago– do I want that again for this year’s holidays?


I ultimately decided to go for the medium copper color — the golden undertones fit the festive vibe of the holidays, but it was safe enough to be a sophisticated color perfect for work no matter what time of the year.



Wrapping my hair in cling wrap after dyeing.

Of course, celebrity-caliber styling merits celebrity treatment — I just loved the fabulous interiors of Velvet. It made me feel like I was sitting backstage of a high fashion runway, the kind that you see on TV with high-profile stylists glamming up the hottest models before they strut their stuff.


Got served some in-house cappuccino!


They were even kind enough to do my on-fleek kilay for free!

So after dyeing my hair medium copper, wrapping my hair in cling wrap and going through the usual shampoo and rinse routine (they give the BEST head massages, by the way!), it was time for the haircut!


Senior stylist Jeff Gabo working his magic on my tresses!

With the help of senior stylist Jeff Gabo, I decided to cut my hair 3 inches short. What’s amazing about Velvet by Jing Monis is that they just immediately understand the kind of hairstyle you want, and deliver everything to a T! So here I was, ready with my hair peg saved on my phone, a copy of Kathryn Bernardo’s soft-layered lob, which I fell in love with. Lo and behold when I was told that it was a Jing Monis creation! My hairstyle was a slightly longer variation: I specifically asked for soft layers and blunter edges, as opposed to the sharper, razor edges you would see on other layered hairstyles like the ones K-Pop artists sport.

Velvet Jing Monis after

What I absolutely LOVED about my experience with Velvet was that my hair did not have that plastic, “walis” feel. I’ve had numerous hairstylists tell me in the past that the “plastic” feel on hair was normal after dyeing. I’m glad to say that this wasn’t the case at all with Velvet, as not only did they use high-quality products (Schwarzkopf Professional, if you’re wondering!) on my hair, my newly colored locks were also treated to a Macadamia Natural Oil Treatment, which left my hair naturally soft and shiny for a week. It even smelled yummy for a week, too!


Velvet offering this line of Macadamia organic hair products! They’re all-natural, and take care of your locks without that overdone feel!

I’m also such a HUGE fan of how they styled my hair afterwards. Other salons would add serum to your hair after cutting and styling as a finishing touch– not that there’s anything wrong with that, but with my experience at Velvet, the Macadamia Oil Treatment they added to my hair sometime in the middle of the process was already enough to make my hair soft and shiny, with that natural bagsak feel. Less is more, after all!


Mandatory selfie with my glam team! Mr. Jeff Gabo, senior stylist on the right, and Ms. Nica Monis, junior stylist and makeup artist, who did my gorgeous eyebrows!

Jing Monis Salon

Before and After!

I am BEYOND satisfied with my time at Velvet by Jing Monis. Definitely recommended for an updated, polished look, just in time for the holidays! Get ready to face your titas at that Christmas reunion in style.

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