VegFest Pilipinas 2022: The Biggest Vegan Festival in Asia Is Back

In this kaleidoscope world, be kind.  

VegFest Pilipinas is at it again! 

Join us in a spectacular face-to-face festival comeback this year on November 19 & 20 –starting from 9 a.m. until night time. 

veg fest

VegFest is an international celebration wherein the vegan lifestyle and philosophy is promoted via food, speakers, performances, film-showing, and merchandise. The very first VegFest was created by Toronto Vegetarian Association back in 1985. The first year of VegFest Pilipinas was 2016, and it was just a pocket space with a few numbers of merchants in Eastwood. Throughout the years it has greatly evolved. More people participating, more volunteers, more beneficiaries, more eye-opening talks; thus, more people becoming aware of the advocacy. No wonder VegFest Pilipinas still holds the record for the biggest vegan festival in the whole of Asia! Plus, it has paved a way for the Philippine market to embrace and love local vegan businesses and vegan-friendly brands such as Quorn and UnMeat. The festival showcases local vegan businesses (from food to drinks to fashion to home and personal care); cooking demos; film showing; live performances by local artists; and some games and raffles.


The last VegFest PH live event, 2019, held in BGC Arts Center, garnered an almost 10,000 foot traffic! 2020 was a special international online event wherein we had Capt. Paul Watson (founder of Greenpeace & Sea Sheperd Conservation Society), international animal activist Milo Runkle, and the renowned Golden Vegan Athlete Fiona Oakes as our keynote speakers. 2021, we held a zero-waste Vegan Community Outreach for 10 barangays in Metro Manila. 2022, we are holding both the Media Launch, on November 5, and the 2-day festival, in a bigger venue: The Spine in Blue Bay Walk. The overarching theme this year is all about kindness integrated in the Intersectional Veganism aspect and practice. We aim to link the movement of non-violence and animal liberation to different fights against oppression and abuse. This is why we will have speakers who are LGBTQIA +, Human Rights, and Environmental Rights activists as well. Moreover, there will be a film showing of the Filipino-made documentary called “Delikado”. This is a must-see as it follows the deadly struggle of indigenous land defenders in Palawan. As always, 100% of the profits from ticket sales and sponsorship shall go to the beneficiaries, and this year we are having the ff. as beneficiaries: PPBCC Foundation (Kapon | Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation, Inc. | Mandaluyong) & SIFCare Foundation (


We truly hope that you can come and enjoy VegFest Pilipinas this year! 

To learn more about the festival and its updates, tune in to the FB & IG accounts of: VegFest Pilipinas and Vegans of Manila.