Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie: A Food Trip Around Europe in One Restaurant!

Europe is very rich in culture. With the 50 countries that its territory occupies, there are bound to be a lot of diverse ways of living there to marvel at and adore. It may be their attire, their language, or their cuisine, the latter of which I’m sure people look forward to the most whenever they travel.

(Have you heard of the European Food Festival, btw? Watch out for it again next year!)

If there are two things that Filipinos love to do, it’s eating and travelling. You go to certain places and try the local food available. Eating their cuisine is one of the best ways to get to know a certain culture.

In Europe, there are several types of cuisine, like Italian, French, German, Spanish, etc. What are their stories, though? Each cuisine has its origin, but collectively, It’s kind of difficult to really know since not all of us have the capability to fly to Europe and actually experience it all in person (travelling can be very costly!). What you can do is try to compromise and go to European restaurants in the Philippines instead. Unfortunately, that can be expensive, too.

VanderlustEuropean Food

If you don’t have money to travel or the budget to eat at authentic European restaurants, we may just have found the perfect restaurant for your European craving: Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie along Tomas Morato.

Vanderlust is owned by a couple, Val and Anthony Tan, whose passion is travelling. They’ve practically been all over the world, but Europe was their favorite place. While they were there for their honeymoon, a random idea came to mind: “These delicious cuisines should be experienced by our fellow Filipinos. Why don’t we open a restaurant like this?” From that random thought came the actualisation in September 2016.

The name ‘Vanderlust’ comes from their names mixed with ‘Wanderlust’: Val + Anthony + Wanderlust = Vanderlust. The term is perfect because Germans pronounce ‘w’ as ‘v’. After the name, they worked on the look of the restaurant and the menu. Val made sure that the ambience really captures European vibes – even to the littlest detail, like as the wall prints of miniature Eiffel Towers.

VanderlustInterior of the 2nd Floor of Vanderlust

Anthony, on the other hand, worked hand-in-hand with Chef Mitchie Sison to develop Vanderlust’s menu. Chef Mitchie happens to be a renowned chef in the Philippines who also cooks on TV. Anthony and Chef Mitchie eventually decided to centralize their food on Italian, German, and Spanish cuisine.

Val and Anthony also wanted to break the Filipino notion that European food is expensive. While other restaurants cost Php1,000 or more to dine in, Vanderlust proves that authentic European cuisine can be affordable, as well. Upon trying their food, we can definitely say that Vanderlust is worth it.

Vanderlust is way cheaper (around Php240 to Php450) and will make you say, “So this is what Europe feels like!”. Let’s take a look of their menu and enjoy a food trip around Europe:



Arancini Al Margherita – 3 pcs – 138; 6 pcs – 248
Verdict: 5/5! MUST TRY

– Italian Risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella, topped with pesto and parmesan cheese, and served on a bed of margherita sauce.

Cacio E Pepe Mushroom Truffle – 388
Verdict: 4/5

Cheese and Pepper pasta with mushroom truffle

Catalan Baked Fish with Potatoes and Asparagus – 378
Verdict: 3/5

Baked white fish with herb crust served with olives, sautéed potatoes, asparagus, and roasted tomatoes.

IMG_8722Cannoli (the 3 pieces dessert on the left)

Italian Cannoli – P125 – Lemon White Choco, Choco Pistaccio
Verdict: 5/5! MUST TRY

One order comes with three pieces of cannoli in your chosen flavor. Other flavors available are: Purple Yam, Matcha, Chocolate Chips, Earl Grey, Blueberry Cheesecake, Sesame.



Schweinekotelett with Mustard Cream Sauce – 448
Verdict: 4/5. Their mashed potato is 5/5, though!

Pork chop with creamy mustard sauce, German fermented cabbage and mashed potato. Pork skin cooked to crackling perfection from that Schweinshaxe inspiration.

German Schneeballë
Verdict: 2/5. The experience of smashing the Schneeballë is definitely worth trying.

     Original P120 – Peanut Butter Ball, Strawberries & Cream

     Chocolate P145 – Hazelnut Kiss

     (others: Calamnsi, Cookies and Cream, Mocha Tiramisu)



Bocadillo de Calamares y Pescado – 288 (+100 for a bottle of imported beer)
Verdict: 4/5

Taking its cue from Madrid’s central Plaza Mayor’s most popular sandwich: the Bocadillo de Calamares. Bite-sized cuts of calamari and white fish are deep fried to golden perfection, sandwiched between toasty baguette slices and topped with zesty aioli.

Espagueti con AlbĂłndigas – 268
Verdict: 5/5! MUST TRY

A spicy pasta dish topped with scrumptious Spanish meatballs with choice of olive oil or tomato sauce. Best enjoyed spicy but can be adjusted to personal preference.


Spanish Churros
Verdict: 4/5

     Premium P55 – Choco Loco

     Signature P75 – Red Velvet (our favorite), Maple Bacon

     (other flavors: Parmesan Ham, Valencia, Dulce de Leche, Peanut Butter & Jelly)



Mon ChĂ©ri Poulet – 398
Verdict: 5/5! MUST TRY

Chicken thigh glazed with honey sitting on top of a spinach omelet and a strip of smoked bacon.

Experience Europe at Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie, where there is a story in every bite. Take-outs of desserts are also possible. Which cuisine would you want to taste?

Vanderlust Bistro + Patisserie

0100 Sct De Guia cor Tomas Morato, Sacred Heart, Quezon City

Mondays thru Thursdays 12nn to 10pm, Fridays & Saturdays 12nn to 2am, and Sundays 12nn to 10pm

02-871-7314 /


Instagram: @vanderlustph


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