Van Vogue Manila: Your Key to Being the Star of Any Ball

WHEN IN MANILA, looking fabulous and feeling fabulous should never feel like a chore. After all, fashion is a fun way of showing off your fabulous personality through clothes. So as any member of the Croods clan would put it, never not be fun when it comes to dressing up and just shine your way.


I’ve been hearing a ton of great reviews on Van Vogue Manila, an online store that has caught the attention of celebrities and bloggers and really, I’m not surprise at all. With their pieces that scream hot, fierce, and sexy, who wouldn’t want a piece of that fabulousness? While all of Van Vogue Manila’s pieces are just to die for, here are three of my ultimate favorites that I can’t wait to wear and show off to the world.




Okay, okay! I know what you guys are thinking. “The summer heat’s killing us and that crazy girl picks out a jacket among the hot clothing pieces of Van Vogue Manila?? What a looney lady!” But hey, this black jacket is not like any other jackets, it sparkles! I remember seeing Blake Lively wearing a black sequined jacket outside her plain white top and I thought to myself, “Wow! Who knew a simple black sequined jacket can do wonders to an otherwise plain outfit.”




As much as I love wearing shorts, I have always preferred wearing skirts and dresses more. I am deeply in love with Van Vogue Manila’s black sequined skirt! I love how the asymmetrical hemming of the skirt adds a whole new kind of punch to an otherwise same old shiny skirt.




Now unto my favorite of them all, I super love this LBD from Van Vogue Manila! I love how the upper half of the dress screams Audrey Hepburn with the short sleeves and don’t even get me started on the very glamorous surprise on the back of the dress; one word: HOT and the bottom half of the dress very Carrie Bradshaw with the poof and all. Who knew the classy Audrey Hepburn’s and the eclectic Carrie Bradshaw’s totally different styles could make such a drool-worthy dress when combined? I love this dress to the moon and back. Yes, I love it that much!


So what are you waiting for When In Manila readers, don’t forget to check out Van Vogue Manila for pieces that will make you the star of any ball WHEN IN MANILA.





P.S. The Mall is having a summer sale right now and Van Vogue Manila is a part of it! Shop till you drop and you might even get a loot bag from the Beauty Bar! Enjoy shopping, I know I will!


Van Vogue Manila


Van Vogue Manila: Your Key to Being the Star of Any Ball


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