Valentine’s Day Special: Sweet Treats for your Loves!





From humble beginnings, Little Louie’s cupcakes aren’t so humble in flavor.

Here are their bestsellers which I’m pretty sure you’ll want to give to your loved ones or prolly save a square for yourself.







Let’s start with the Matcha Cupcake. A vanilla cupcake frosted with green tea infused swiss meringue buttercream, topped with a silver EDIBLE pearl. YES. The pearl is edible! What’ll taste like? Guess you just have to try it out!






Nutella’s pretty addicting right? If you answered yes, that tells me you too will get addicted with Little louie’s Hazelnut dream cupcakes. Its a moist chocolate cake with a nutella core frosted with milk chocolate swiss meringue buttercream topped with a hazelnut.






If you’re in for something different to tickle your taste buds, why not have their Salted Caramel Cupcake? Its chocolate cake with a homemade salted caramel core, frosted with mocha swiss meringue buttercream topped with chocolate sprinkles. Oh yes, just delectable!

Little Louie’s Cupcakes





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