Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Personalized Lasagna with Bacon Roses!

For people who prefer food over flowers, we’ve found the perfect Valentine’s idea: lasagna topped with special messages or bacon roses!

Lasagna Bacon Roses 1

Basta Pasta atbp. adds bacon roses to their lasagna, especially for Valentine’s Day. You can either get the roses in a shape of a heart smack in the middle of the pasta tray or personalise it with initials or names.

Lasagna Bacon Roses 2

You also have four choices in terms of flavor; you can get beef lasagna, bacon lasagna, tuna lasagna or SPAM lasagna! However, if you want the bacon roses, we’d recommend not pairing it with the tuna lasagna as they don’t go so well together. The lasagna with bacon roses starts at Php550, depending on the design, and is already good for 5 to 6 people.

Lasagna Bacon Roses 3

The best part? You won’t have to worry about the long lines found in restaurants during this season and you’ll get to avoid traffic at the same time. The recipe of the lasagna at Basta Pasta atbp.

is from Pepe Maglalang’s mom and we absolutely love how unique this idea is. Plus, who doesn’t love pasta (and bacon), right?


Basta Pasta atbp.

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