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When in Manila, sometimes we feel the need to get away from this busy city, away from the mad city lights and crowded streets, so when you feel that need, know that vacations are now made easy with Cebu Pacific and Agoda. Cebu Pacific has become one of the fastest growing Airlines in Asia, with a fleet of 39 Airbus aircrafts and year-round Lite fares, they’ve become a regular choice for travelers as it allows us regular Joe’s or Juan’s, as they put it, to fly to other parts of the country and other parts of Asia quite easily. For hotels in the city or province I visit, I’ve always looked to Agoda for great deals. They have great hotel listings in every city you can imagine and booking and confirming your stay are just a few clicks away. Having all the convenience of booking my hotel and flight at my fingertips, I recently decided to book a flight with Cebu Pacific and also a hotel at one of Agoda’s highly recommended hotels, the Almont Inland Hotel in Butuan. The trip proved to be one of the best local trips I’ve had this year, it really is more fun in Butuan it seems 😉

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 Friends and I visited Butuan last May when the yearly Balangay (or Balanghai) festival was in full swing and we covered some of their events. I had so much fun that I just felt like going back to Butuan to enjoy what the city had to offer when there was no festival to keep me busy. I was not disappointed. This was one of those visits where I had learned so much more about Butuan by visiting places and areas so rich in history and in culture that I just found myself falling more and more in love with the place. We got to see remnants of a church that was built in the 1600’s, digging sites where Balangay boats were found proving that Butuan once played a major role in trade, and visited a family lot where layers upon layers of fresh water seashells were found giving us a glimpse of a world that’s perhaps older than the existence of the Egyptian Pyramids! We also found out how just 30 minutes away from the city proper are dive sites that are crazy beautiful that it was a wonder why not a lot of people have come down for even this reason alone. In Manila, one of the closest dive sites we have is in Anilao but it take about 3 hours to get there by car and even then, a boat ride to the dive spots are more than an hour away from the resorts. A flight to Butuan just takes an about hour and 15 minutes and just 30 minutes away from the city are some of the best dive sites I’ve come across. The visit was mind-blowing and I am beyond excited to share with you the many things you can do when you come visit this city down south (more on that post in the next few days!).   


*The photo above is from the facebook page of the Butuan Bay Divers. Permission was asked to post this photo here.

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The people, the history, the culture, the food, these are just some of the reasons why it would be great if you could come down and see what Butuan has to offer. I myself cannot wait to book my next flight there should a few days off come up. So when in Manila and want to get away form the busy city, book your next flight to Butuan through Cebu Pacific and enjoy the many beautiful sights to see here. And make no excuses, as Cebu Pacific and Agoda have now made planning your vacations quite a breeze!

*Cebu Pacific has 3 flights a day from Manila to Butuan



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