Vacationing Filipino nurse saves foreigner’s life in Boracay

One Filipino nurse’s decision to be where she was when she found an unconscious man by the beach shore had led her to make one of the most heroic acts she could ever do.

According to reports, Luisa Jasmin Jenkins had been lounging by the beach with her boyfriend Justine Navarra when they heard clamor about a Chinese tourist drowning after he hit his head on his paddleboat. Both Luisa and Justine quickly sprung into action to save the foreigner’s life.


In the viral video above, Luisa dutifully performed CPR on the tourist before Justine took over. They stopped when the man had started showing signs of life.

According to the original poster, JP Liwag Kabigting, who had been the one to drag the tourist’s body out of the water, the nearest lifeguard to the area was located 500 meters away at Willy’s Rock. Had it not been for Luisa and Justine, the tourist would have surely drowned and died. He expressed his concern that the local government should put up more lifeguard posts to prevent these incidents from happening again.

The tourist was reportedly brought to the hospital after the incident and was discharged later that day.

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