Revel in These 13 Utterly Delicious Revel Bars

Revel bars are so underrated. I never hear people say, “I’m craving for revel bars right now.” But you know what? You should. I believe the main reason why people don’t crave for them is because they simply haven’t experienced just how delicious revel bars can actually be. To help you out, here are 13 online stores that sell some of the most delicious revel bars I’ve ever tasted.

Revel in These 13 Utterly Delicious Revel Bars

13. Luciana’s Maison Bakery (@lucianasmaisonbakery)

Photo from Luciana’s Maison Bakery

22-year-old Emilienne Luciana Gabrielle Viger is a French-Filipina college student who used to burn everything she tried to bake. Last year, however, she promised herself that she would practice something she is bad at. Well, her practice has definitely paid off. Now, she bakes 250 revel bars and 100 cookies per bake day all by herself! For now, she bakes products that are already familiar to people; but she hopes to create French pastries in the future, as well, so that people can try something different.

The revel bars from Luciana’s Maison Bakery are really gooey and soooo good. If you need an instant pick-me-up, these treats are sure to make you happy in an instant!

12. Manu Mano (@made.manumano)

Photo from Manu Mano

Manu Mano is an artisanal bakery that uses nothing but the finest ingredients. Their pastries take some time to develop since their bakers make all of their products by hand (thus the name) with the use of unbleached flour (which is more expensive and takes longer to develop, but eliminates the need for chemical enhancers and dough fillers). Chef Alex and Chef Richie are extremely passionate and meticulous when it comes to the quality of their products, and they use the local award-winning Auro Chocolate in their products. You will really be able to taste the difference!

FYI, Manu Mano makes revel bars every single day; and they sell out almost every single day, as well. This really isn’t surprising, seeing as how chewy and indulgent they are! P.S. They also make for great gifts!


Photo from

Trizia is a 27-year-old licensed chemist who has been working from home during the pandemic. This has given her more time to bake, and has allowed her to make more money as suggested by her financial advisor. Along with her fiance Benj, they decided to sell revel bars because not a lot of few home bakers sell them. Their products are products of love with Trizia baking the goods, and Benj cleaning and buying the ingredients. currently offers three flavors for their revel bars: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Matcha Magic. What’s surprising is that Trizia has never even tasted their matcha revel bars because she doesn’t eat or drink matcha-flavored products. She simply asked her friends and family for comments and suggestions, and they came out tasting extremely delicious. How amazing is that?

10. Miss Claudette’s (@miss.claudette)

Photo from Miss Claudette’s

Claudette Caringal-Margallo used to be her mom’s helpful little elf in the kitchen. Since then, baking has been her favorite hobby. Claudette shares that she has always dreamed of starting her own business in the confectionery industry. When a colleague encouraged her to start making money out of her home-baked goodies, she finally started Miss Claudette’s in 2015. Since Claudette considers herself to be an old-fashioned baker, she stuck to creating her version of the classics. Hence the revel bars.

Miss Claudette’s Fudgy Revel Bars are incredibly gooey and chock-filled with chocolate, but won’t overwhelm you with sweetness. That means you can get the chocolate fix that you deserve without worrying about falling into a sugar coma. What’s more, they are currently working on a collaboration with Hale Yeah!, another startup business that provides a guilt-free food experience. Stay tuned to their social media accounts for updates!

9. Mix n’ Batter (@mixandbatter)

Photo from Mix n’ Batter

Baking is one of the few things that Kaila de Leon really enjoys. Kaila originally started baking just to satisfy her cravings, but then ended up finding fun in experimenting with different recipes. “Soon enough, I realized that the best part about it is when I share them with my family and friends, and witness the satisfaction they get from the baked goodies I made,” she shares. “My main focus right now is achieving a degree in architecture, but I have come to the realization that baking is just as important as that is to me. It has given me the avenue to express myself creatively.”

Mix n’ Batter’s homemade revel bars are definitely a must-try! They are carefully prepared and baked to ensure that you will be satisfied with every bar. And I promise you will be. “Every bite is not just a random mix of ingredients put together, but is something personal to me as I put in a lot of love and passion into everything that I bake,” Kaila adds. Another thing I love is that all of their products and packaging materials are both budget-friendly and as eco-friendly as possible!

8. Husay by Kapetera (@husayph)

Photo from Husay by Kapetera

Husay by Kapetera started as a passion project between a group of friends who love good coffee, good cocktails, good food, and even better conversations. “We wanted to create a space wherein everyone and anyone can just come by, feel safe, and eventually create meaningful conversations with us over a cup of joe or a fruity cocktail,” they share.

Husay by Kapetera takes pride in their ube, choco, and matcha revel bars because they are like a gift sent from heaven. Their ooey-gooey creamy texture go perfectly with coffee. They’re the type of dessert that you can buy trays of and eat at any time of the day. One bar definitely won’t be enough! (Top tip: pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to level up the experience even more!)

7. Revel Project (@revelprojectph)

Photo from Revel Project

Revel Project’s fudgy revel bars started as a simple Christmas present to friends, family members, and colleagues. Since it was such a hit, they started accepting orders on the side every week. With over a thousand bars sold since Christmas, however, they decided to put a brand on it and formally launch Revel Project in June 2020.

Revel Project’s revel bars are chocolatey but not too sweet, and hella addictive! The best part is that they’re ultra affordable. You can get them for as low as 90 pesos for a pack of 8 or 250 pesos for a box of 24. They recently launched their ube revel bars, as well, which is their personal favorite at the moment. You may also look forward to more flavors soon.

6. Postres Pastry + Cafe

Photo from Postres Pastry + Cafe

Baking has always been Suzanne Ignacio’s passion; she used to watch her mom bake birthday cakes when she was little. After finishing her degree in Business Management, Suzanne opened a small nook in 1997 and named it Cookie Bar. There, she sold cookies, brownies, and revel bars. In 2015, Suzanne enrolled in Alain Ducasse Education at Enderun College to hone her baking skills, where she learned to get more creative with her recipes and give them a trendy new twist.

Postres opened in March 2018, where they sell various products inspired by her mom’s recipes, her own recipes, and Enderun’s recipes. Some are inspired by Pinoy favorites, too, such as the Dulce de Leche Revel Bar, which offers an explosion of creaminess with the yema and the nutty texture of the oatmeal mixed with it – definitely a must-try!

5. Cookies PH (

Photo from Cookies PH

Okay, okay. So technically, these aren’t “bars”, but I couldn’t leave them off of this revel list. They’re just too good! Catzie Maglutac is a web developer and small business owner who, fueled by her love for sweets, makes all of Cookies PH’s products. They deliver freshly made products every Wednesday and Saturday in Metro Manila and Rizal, and change their flavor lineup every month, so there will always be something new to look forward to.

Cookie PH’s Revel Cups are unique, tasty, and chewy; and their unusual flavors will really make you sit up and pay more attention to what you’re eating. Long-time Cookies PH customers will also love these because they’re based on the brand’s much-loved cookie dough.

4. Sweet Adventures (@thesweet.adventures)

Photo from Sweet Adventures

Sweet Adventures is a passion project of four women: Kat, Tin, Ara, and Jhang, who first started baking back in 2011 for their relatives and friends. Because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), they finally found time to bring Sweet Adventures to life, offering goodies inspired by their families’ different stories, memories, and adventures.

Sweet Adventures’ revel bars are the favorites of their eldest sister; and they might just become your favorite, too. In fact, they instantly became crowd favorites because they are the perfect combination of sweet and salty made with premium ingredients at an affordable price. At the moment, Sweet Adventures offers seven different kinds of delicious desserts, so make sure to check out their social media accounts to see what else they have to offer.

3. Epicbake (@epicbake)

Photo from Epicbake

Shiena Garcia started Epicbake in their home kitchen as a hobby back in 2016. Today, it is a joint culinary talent with two more sisters (Mayann and Mitch) and a brother-in-law (JP) helping hand-in-hand to create customized cakes and pastries based on their clients’ preferences. “For us, it’s more of quality time together while creating satisfactory experience to our dear clients and patrons,” they share.

Epicbakes offers guilt-free satisfaction by making it a point to only use fresh and quality raw ingredients. Their moist, gooey, milky, and crunchy revel bars use 65% Belgian dark couverture to balance out the sweetness and give you all of the benefits of real chocolate. They also use less processed sugar from Bacolod, French butter, and Australian oats. They bake everything from scratch without improvers or preservatives. While they did consider the Filipino palate that loves sweets while crafting their products, they have also curated their recipes to be flavorful without spiking your sugar levels.

2. Chicoli (

Photo from Chicoli PH

Leslei from Chicoli de-stresses from work by baking on weekends. “Baking fascinates me because it is a combination of science and arts, in a way that measurements and methods should strictly be followed to create an edible dessert, but baking also lets you use your creativity to make unique and beautiful desserts,” Leslei shares.

Chicoli’s revel bars taste amazing even without reheating or refrigerating. In fact, Leslei enjoys them best at room temperature to maintain their moisture and texture. While all of Chicoli’s revel bars are delicious, I would extremely super duper recommend the white chocolate ones. I couldn’t stop at one and found myself munching on them until I (sadly) ran out.

1. The Cake Cartel (@thecakecartelph)

Photo from The Cake Cartel

The Cake Cartel is a start-up business that aims to give their clients a #LegallyAddicting high with their baked-to-order goods… and I have to say: they have done their job exceedingly well. Their revel bars actually intimidated me at first because they were cut into such huge pieces; but one bite made me realize why that was. They are so good, you will need a bar that big to really feel satisfied. My mom, who doesn’t even like revel bars to begin with, couldn’t stop eating these ‘Pablo Escobars’, either.

Inspired by the TV series ‘Narcos’, The Cake Cartel aims to be the “dealer” of the best desserts and pastries. Their baked-to-order goods are just as addicting as drugs; but they are 100% safe, drug-free, and preservative-free. All of their other products are also named after mafia personalities and terms, like “Bugsy” Siegel, “El Chapo”, “Maryjane Bites”, “Chonkey Monkey”, “Gorilla OG”, “Bonnie & Clyde”, “Overdosed”, and “Sober”. Make sure to keep an eye out for their limited releases, as well!

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