Utopia: A Fantasy-themed Multimedia Exhibit


Fantasy or Reality? The boundaries of fact and fiction uncovered through the eyes of young artists.

The different ideals and philosophies of individuals viewed by Multimedia students.

Ever wondered of what people think of as their perfect world?

Or have you ever thought, “Hmm… the world would be a lot nicer if this happened.”

If you do, there is an upcoming event that would show you the wonders of an ideal and perfect world through the eyes of young artists.

Ucreated by Chimera Collective, 9 artists and senior Multimedia students of Asia Pacific College comprised of Dan Agustin, Aldous Bayani, Kenneth Estrada, Steffi Solano, Earl Ilao, Steven Escarilla, Galilee Gomez, Maggie Buenaflor, and Jazmine Sibayan, based on the concept of idealism and perfect worlds; a Utopian society.

Within the busy streets of Makati, these students want to show you how they, as artists, view the world as a perfect world, an Idealistic realm where there is no leaps and bounds, only endless possibilities of what the world would be or could have been.

Their works range from 3D to graphic design, consisting of each individual’s own perceptions and portrayals of an ideal world and the juxtaposition between fantasy and reality. As these students create their art through various media to showcase not only their skills and talents, but their own personal psychology in viewing the world as perfect.

The exhibit will be held at Prism Gallery, Makati on September 2 at 6 PM for their opening night and September 3 to 5 for regular viewing dates in partnership with Asia Pacific College, Ideal Vision, Flasher, and WhenInManila.com.

So, if you live nearby, just strolling around, or looking for a place of inspiration. Drop by Utopia for an inspiring experience and you might even create a perfect world yourself.

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