UST Model United Nations is now on its 4th Season!

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                  Attention delegates! We are putting the session into formal order.

                The Asian Studies Society, of the University of Santo Tomas, is organizing the UST Model United Nations on February 28-March 2, 2017. Now on its fourth year, the conference will gather around 180 delegates from the Thomasian Community, as well as from other colleges and universities inside and outside the country. This year’s UST Model United Nations will feature four councils: General Assembly, Human Rights Council, Economic and Social Council and Security Council. In line with the theme, “Meeting the Challenges of a Sustainable Future in a Century of Conflict and Poverty,” pressing international issues are to be discussed by the delegates, these include, Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking and Related Money Laundering and Strengthening the Framework on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters Including Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance for the General Assembly, Combating the Threat of Acquisition of Weapons of Mass Destruction Among Terrorist Groups and Strengthening Efforts Against The Production of Chemical Weapons in Civil Wars for the Security Council, Income Inequality Curbing Global Prosperity and Community Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Occurrence By the Aid of the International Community for the Economic and Social Council and The International Refugee Issue: Livability in an Age of Displacement and Forced Migration due to Conflict and Sexual Vulnerability of Refugees in High Intense Conflict for the Human Rights Council.

The USTMUN 2017, as well as other Model United Nations, is a one of a kind educational simulation of the United Nations proceedings.  For two committee sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to be diplomats of respective countries, as they try to discuss and debate with other delegates so as to forge resolutions on pressing topics relevant to the different councils of the United Nations. After participating in the conference, delegates will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills on research, debate and public speaking, as well as skills specific to United Nations and International Relations and Diplomacy in general.