UST Hiraya takes on Rape Culture and Why it Exist


UST Hiraya, the first intersectional feminist organization recognized in the Royal, Pontifical, Catholic university in the Philippines, invites the students of the University of Santo Tomas on February 1, 2019, to their event entitled Hiraya Talks: Rape Culture to be held at Central Laboratory Auditorium from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Hiraya Talks: Rape Culture discusses what rape culture is about, how it is seen as normal in the society, and what contributes to the presence of the culture. This forum aims to empower people and break down the existence of rape culture to create a safer community for the people.

Marrian Ching,  who writes extensively on issues concerning Southern Philippines with an emphasis on women, human rights, and the ongoing peace process, will provide an introduction on rape culture. Maritina Romulo, an actor, restaurateur, and an empowered advocate of the global Women’s Movement, will talk regarding the normalization of rape culture in mass media. With the advocacies of UST Hiraya, Anti-Violence Against Women and Mental Health, the forum features Kana Takahashi, one of the founders of UST Hiraya, who will take on the intersection of Rape culture with Mental Health, and Atty. Shyanne Juan Monera, who preferred handling cases of Women and Children and a breastfeeding advocate, to tackle the law in relation to rape culture. Finally, Carla Ocampo, writer of the documentary film Walang Rape Sa Bontok, to speak on the ways for the dismantlement of rape culture.

This event is in partnership with Tomcat-UST, Viva Voce COC (PUP),  Theatre Catalyst, Theatro Tomasino, Rotaract-UST Accountancy,  UNICEF, and FEU Saga. This event will not be possible without Creche Skin Care Center and 933 Co Working MNL. Also brought to you by The Fifth Clothing and Chic Centre, and our media partner,

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