URGENT: Help the Animals Affected by the Mayon Volcano Eruption

In times of disasters, animals are in danger, too. All too often, rescue and relief operations overlook the pets and animals that depend on humans for survival. Thank goodness that, for the animals affected by the eruption of Mayon Volcano, there is hope.

In a few days, the animal welfare organization Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) is undertaking the mission to help evacuate animals within the 9-kilometer extended danger zone around Mayon volcano. Their team will leave on January 29. In the meantime, the members are gathering as many items as they can manage to bring.

“Some families have already evacuated but they had to leave their animals behind,” PPBCC shared.

How can we help?

We can donate whatever we can. These are the items that can help with the evacuation the most:

Animal Relief operations around Mayon Volcano by PPBCC

PPBCC needs nylon ropes, collars, leashes, dog and cat food, cages, and crates. They also need cash donations to purchase vitamins and antibiotic injectables.

BPI account # is 2759-0835-15

Paypal: donate@ppbcc.org

Let us not forget the welfare of the animals in times like this. 1f43e?

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