Urban Arts Festival: Waack City x Dance for High

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The Urban arts festival hits the streets of Katipunan at the pop-up, one of the most anticipated events of 2018. It is a mixture of culture and arts with a lot of dancing on the side. The event will showcase the Philippine qualifiers for one of the most prestigious waackin events to be held in Osaka, Japan, and dance for high which highlights the young blood of this generation reppin the country in Taipei, Taiwan.

The battle of the new generation is here.

Dance for high is the time for the youth to shine. Young dancers battle it out to see who emerges on top and gets a chance to represent the Philippines in Taipei, Taiwan. To decide who gets to rep our country, we have judges Jay Masta, Kristal Bermudo, and Vince Mendoza.

For all you disco-loving divas, the wait is over. Here is your chance to show what you got and represent our country in Osaka, Japan for the most prestigious event, Waack City.

The winner of this 1v1 waacking battle will be decided by our very own judge, Mickey Yatar.