Kapekonomiya Revamp Poster


Talk about the economy over a cup of coffee through Kapekonomiya, a staple event of the UP School of Economics Student Council that promotes the field of Economics to students and highlights particular trends, news or issues in the national context. Through the years, Kapekonomiya has tackled relevant issues such as Global Economic Crisis, Philippine Debt Servicing, Energy Crisis and the Economics of the RH Bill in addition to the exploration of the field as a study.



This year, the format of Kapekonomiya is revamped to a more interactive and dynamic set-up in the form of a panel discussion to enable audience to participate in the entire discussion. In line with the 2013 Midterm elections, the UP SESC will hold the revamped event entitled, Kapekonomiya Revamp: A panel discussion on rebuilding the Political Party System of the Philippines on January 15, 2013, 4:00-6:30 in the afternoon at the UP School of Economics, Room 114. The discussion is expected to focus on different analyses and perspectives on the situation of the political party system in the Philippines, magnifying its core structure and issues. Additionally, it will also shed light on how the system will affect our economy as a whole in the upcoming elections.



Are we better off with a two-party system just like in the United States? Is the number of “party hopping” by candidates a legitimate political tool?

Does the multiple number of political parties obscure the Philippine political atmosphere or is it good for democracy?

These are some questions that will be answered in the discussion. With elections about to come into full swing, the debate on how to strengthen the Philippine political system goes on. With the difference between parties becoming blurred, opinions on how the system is supposed to be run will always vary. Get ready for a heated discussion as we review the political party system that features four panelists namely, Congressman Rufus Rodriguez, Principal author of the Political Party Development Act of 2012, Dr. Peter Köppinger, Representative of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung for the Philippines, Prof. Ronald Mendoza, Executive Director of the AIM Policy Center and Prof. Jorge Tigno, Professor from the UP Dept. of Political Science along with the moderator of the event, Prof. Ibarra Gutierrez from the UP College of Law.



Kapekonomiya Revamp will also be the launch of the information drive of the UP SESC that takes on a fresh look in educating voters, putting a spotlight on senatorial candidates’ economic perspectives and issues that country faces today and on everything related with the 2013 elections.


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