UPLB to stage psycho-thriller ‘Die, Inday!’

Looking for a heart-racing activity that doesn’t require much energy? Watching a thriller play might be the best option for you this Halloween season.

A Filipino adaptation of Jean Genet’s ‘The Maids,’ ‘Die, Inday!’ is about to make you grip on your seats this coming November 13 and 14, at 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM at the NCAS Auditorium, UP Los Banos.

Die Inday Poster For When In Manila 1

‘Die, Inday!’ explores the themes of class oppression, crime and socio-economic divide. The narrative follows the story of two sisters, Soleng and Claire, whose lives are devoted to serving their Madame. Madame is beautiful and lives her life in luxury with no apparent problem other than the fate of her lover.

At times when their Madame is not home, the sisters live the life they can only imagine through role playing – Claire plays Madame; Soleng becomes Claire. The roleplaying may vary, but all have the same goal – to kill Madame.

Directed by Asst. Prof. Elmer DS Rufo, the play, with its grim narrative and bold storyline, promises the viewers more than an hour of humor and madness, deceit and truth, dominance and subordination that show human realities. 

For ticket purchasing, show buying, and other production concerns, contact Adrej Enriquez at 09171652369 or visit Die, Inday’s official Facebook page facebook.com/DieIndayUPLB

‘Die, Inday!’ contains language and images suitable for mature audiences.