UP study finds horn snail’s potential in preventing spread of cancer cells

Photo from UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

A group of students from the University of the Philippines Manila did a research study and found that horn snail extract may have the potential to prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Their research resulted in discovering that extract from horn snail (Telescopium telescopium) may prevent angiogenesis or formation of blood vessels from pre-existing ones.

The angiogenesis using horn snail extract was tested in a partially opened fertilized duck egg. In there, the growth of the blood vessels was observed.

“By preventing this process to occur, cancer cells are starved and do not grow and spread,” the study read.

“This study evaluated the potential antiangiogenic activity of Telescopium telescopium or locally known as Bagongon. It is highly abundant in the country and consumed as food by the locals,” the study further reads.

The study was published in journal Acta Medica Philippina in July.

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