UP JFA presents SAN JUNIPERO: A Vaporwave-Themed Party

San Junipero, as seen in the critically acclaimed show Black Mirror, contends that we can experience heaven here on Earth. Set in a beach resort town in the 1980s, the nightclub setting featuring arcade games episode was further described as ‘a period in life that was really optimistic.’ This year, the University of the Philippines Junior Finance Association Applicants 52.1, aim to bring this euphoric experience with their party centered on that very theme.

San Junipero: Heaven is a Place on Earth will be held on November 22 at the Mapayapa Village 3 Clubhouse. It is a vaporwave-themed party that aims to provide an opportunity for both the members and the applicants to not only take a break from the stressful environment and heavy workload in college, but also to foster camaraderie and unity between them as well. 

San Junipero will have three stations namely the Booze Zone, Warp Zone, and Party Zone. The Booze Zone will be offering a variety of alcoholic beverages, refreshments, and finger foods from which everyone can enjoy. There will be alcoholic drinks from The Bar Gin, Andy Whiskey and Bacardi, and delightful finger foods such as pizza and chips. Next, the Warp Zone—boasting its 90’s arcade-style look—will be equipped with various modes of entertainment such as PS4s, videook and many more. Lastly, the Party Zone will be providing retro and laidback music so members and applicants can let loose and enjoy the rest of the night. San Junipero is your all-in-one event—drink, dance, and play for one night. Forget about your requirements for a while, and have fun. Beat college stress and party the night away in San Junipero. Together, we can make heaven a place on Earth. 

San Junipero: Heaven is a Place on Earth is co-presented by: Inquirer.net, WhenInManila.com, and BusinessWorld.

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