UP JFA Intercollegiate Valuation and Strategies Competition (INVST)

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UP JFA INVST is back, bigger than ever, for its third year!

The Intercollegiate Valuation and Strategies Competition, aptly called INVST, is a national research and valuation competition that provides students with an exciting opportunity to gain real hands-on training in the field of corporate finance by giving them a chance perform stock valuation analyses on a specific subject company. UP INVST is back once again for its 3rd year and registration is officially open until September 16, 2016

INVST is divided into two platforms: the pre-case challenge and the case challenge. The pre-case challenge will test the students’ knowledge in finance and teach them the basics of valuation. For those who advanced to the next round, the case challenge proper will allow them to complete an intensive learning session with respected industry professionals, continuous instruction from qualified mentors and perform actual valuation, which will culminate in a grand case-off between the best teams.

Last year’s competition saw over 130+ teams throughout the Philippines show of their valuation skills compete to be crowned champion. Out of all these teams only one stood victorious at the end;

“It was adrenaline-filled and unexpected! Apart from the technical valuation learnings, I saw the value of having a foot into the market. Our opponents were mostly older and equipped with better knowledge. Even DCF was a struggle we had to learn overnight for this. I think our only edge was that our whole team has been trading the stock market, including the subject companies. I think when you have a personal investment on the line, you’re more motivated to learn and you see things in a perspective a little different from the academic one. It was a totally unexpected win, both a self-esteem booster and a humbling experience that made us realize there’s so much more to learn with regards to the market.” a member of the winning team described her experience.

For those aspiring to be crowned INVST 2016 champion, here is some advice from last year’s winners:

“Firstly, congratulations. Because of the nature of INVST, I believe that joining the competition is already a win in itself. You may not see it now, but it’s already a step taken that gives you an edge. It may open you to opportunities bigger than what can be perceived today. J


Don’t worry if there would be moments when you wouldn’t even know what to look for. That’s normal. The competition isn’t easy. But remember, as college students none of us are expected to be masters of valuation models. SO. DON’T. GIVE. UP!


The Internet is there, it’s the biggest book available. Mentors will also be there to help you and just learn from them as much as you can. Learning how to look at companies is a handy life skill. Your 60-year-old self would surely thank you for it.


Lastly, don’t just do it purely for the prize money or the glory of winning. If you put in excellence, heart, and enjoyment, it will be success chasing you and not the other way around.  The only way you could have truly lost is if you did not learn anything. So while working to bring home the bacon, go and learn as much as you can!”

Be a part of the pioneer student-run finance competition in the country, and join UP JFA INVST! Test your mettle against the best and the brightest students from universities across the Philippines, strengthen your knowledge in finance, and stand a chance to win over P100,000 worth of prizes!

Registration is open until September 16, 2016. Link to the registration kit:   https://tinyurl.com/INVST2016Reg

For details on the competition mechanics you may access this link : https://tinyurl.com/INVST2016Mechanics

For more information, visit our Facebook Page: UP JFA INVST or email upjfainvst@gmail.com.

INVST is brought to you by UP JFA in partnership with COL Financial, and Sun Life and our media partner Rappler and WhenInManila.com.

UP Junior Finance Association (UP JFA) is a non-stock, non-profit academic organization in the Virata School of Business, formerly known as the College of Business Administration, in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Now on its 49th year, UP JFA is committed in upholding its mission of promoting financial literacy among the youth.