UP Ecosoc Month’s Pride Project: Celebrating Love In All Its Forms

For 63 years, the UP Economics Society, one of the leading socio-civic organizations in UP Diliman, has committed itself to living out its three core thrusts, Service, Excellence and Tradition in all its events. One of the organization’s main events is the month-long anniversary celebration every September titled “Ecosoc Month.” This major celebration is an opportunity for the members to put these thrusts into practice, as well as to introduce them to the community at large. 

As per tradition, every Ecosoc Month includes an event called the Service Project, which focuses on reaching out to different communities and beneficiaries yearly. In the spirit of service and compassion, the organizers of EM63 chose to highlight the LGBTQIA+ community this year, thus presenting The Pride Project. 

SP Main Poster

This Pride Project has been decided to be for the benefit of two organizations that encourage everyone to radiate love in all its forms—Metro Manila Pride to represent the youth, and The Home for the Golden Gays to represent the elderly. They have been chosen because of their unique and impact-driven goals for the community, allowing them to empower one another and others as well. 


Metro Manila Pride is a non-profit organization that equips, educates, and empowers the Filipino LGBTQIA+ to live a dignified life without discrimination and prejudice. Their five main advocacies are the following: Human Rights, Nurturing Learning, Sustainable Action, Accountability and Transparency, and Inclusive Collaboration. Through their efforts and events like the Annual Pride March and Festival every June, they take one step forward to achieving their goals. 


Similarly, the Home for the Golden Gays is a non-profit organization based in Pasay City that provides care facilities for elderly and homeless gays. They are known for their lively and entertaining drag performances. However, due to the pandemic, they had to put a halt to their performances and gatherings, their main source of income. It has been a difficult time for them but despite that, they persevere with smiles on their faces and hope for the day they get to step foot on stage again. 


Through the Pride Project, we are able to bring light into the lives of those who need it most. Here at Ecosoc Month, we value community, collaboration and compassion. If you wish to support The Pride Project, you may donate through any of the following channels:



Martin Mejico

0945 723 7376



Alfonso Gabriel Laureta




Vina Naomi D. Mengua




Vina Naomi D. Mengua

1094 2431 5672


Kindly send your proof of donation directly to the Ecosoc Month Facebook page or through this form: tinyurl.com/EM63ProofOfDonation

For more information, please check the UP Ecosoc Month Facebook page, the UP Economics Society Facebook page, or email them through upecosoc.ecosocmonth@gmail.com.