UP ACES to Host National Civil Engineering Summit online from July to September 2021

Calling all structural and civil engineers! The UP Association of Civil Engineering Students (UP ACES) is bringing back its flagship event, the largest intercollegiate civil engineering summit in the country. With the theme “Innovation Without Limits”,  we aspire to emphasize our call as engineers to adapt and improve ourselves in the midst of shifting tides.


This year, National Civil Engineering Summit (NCES) will be held online over a variety of mediums:

Join the National Civil Engineering Quiz: Case Study Edition for a chance to win Php 50,000 in cash prizes for creating a creative infographic and video presentation campaign for a given campaign.

For the design-minded out there, the National Bridge Design Competition will surely challenge teams to craft and pitch a bridge for a prospective client for up to Php 27,000 in ‘grants’ to be awarded to the top teams. For those unfamiliar with the industry software, tutorials and talks will be provided for all participants – another great addition for your resumes.

An aspiring professional searching for internships or employment? NCES 2021 also has a Job Fair and Career Talks, with representatives from the largest Civil Engineering companies in Asia checking in on our nation’s talent. Sign up and we’ll help you get started with effective CV building and interview strategy sessions.

More in the mood for participating in educational discussions about relevant Civil Engineering issues? Our National Civil Engineering Symposium, with the industry’s top talent and influencers, will undoubtedly inspire and bring you up to date with everything going on in our field.

If you’re a creative individual who also wants to explore the facilities of the UP Institute of Engineering, our CE Exhibit features an exact Minecraft replica of our beautiful college, for your perusal!

         Spearheaded by UP ACES, NCES 2021 will use its proceeds from your participation to fund the construction of Rejoice Children’s Village, a sustainable village home to orphaned children from Happyland. 4 duplexes will be built by the humanitarian organization 4P for People in Nasugbu, Batangas.

         For more information and updates, sign up through our website: [upaces.nces.com] and follow us on our official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ncesummit/