UP ACES, Review Innovations, and JCO Construction Present “Faces and Places: The People of Happyland, Tondo”

A conducive home and environment is essential to one’s well-being and health. It is, however, a prevailing issue in our country.

About 4.5 million Filipinos are homeless or are dwelling in informal settlements—three million of them are currently living in Metro Manila. Several factors contribute to the widespread lack of safe and affordable housing such as natural calamities and industrialization to name a few. Although there are initiatives from the government and private organizations that provide low-cost and sustainable housing for these people, still there are more things to be done in order to accommodate and help the people.

Project ALAS. Alleviating lives. Advancing solutions.

UP ACES, Review Innovations, and JCO Construction Present "Faces and Places: The People of Happyland, Tondo"

In partnership with BASE Builds and 4P for People Foundation, Project ALAS’s main objective is to provide durable shelters by means of sustainable housing technologies. As the social service arm of the University of the Philippines Association of Civil Engineering Students (UP ACES), it aims to help the community by application of substantial engineering methods. With its twisted irony, the people of Happyland, Tondo in Manila, the former site of the infamous Smokey Mountain, are the ones who are in need of a much more favorable living environment.

As the plans continue to take shape, a Community Building in Rejoice Village in Nasugbu, Batangas for the families from Happyland shall materialize. This community building brings a beacon of hope to the families for a better home where they can nurture their loved ones under a durable roof.

To further the reach of the initiative, a webinar shall take place on the 16th of July highlighting the faces behind the cause. UP ACES, along with Review Innovations, and JCO Construction Corp., proudly presents Project ALAS 2022 Webinar Of Faces and Places: The People of Happyland, Tondo. They aim to raise awareness about the state of the residents of Happyland and highlight the initiatives of engineering as a way to serve the community, especially in housing and livelihood assistance. Through these, the webinar seeks to inspire and encourage the public to contribute to the cause of Project ALAS.

Tune in to the webinar on July 16, 2022 by registering through this link: https://tinyurl.com/ProjALAS2022Webinar or stream via Facebook live at the official page of Project ALAS.

The Faces of Happyland, Tondo are empowered by means of conducive Places built by the building blocks of hope fostered by Project ALAS and its partners. Through advancing solutions, these people’s lives will be alleviated.

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