Unknown Gunman Shoots Parked Car in Kapitolyo

Unknown Gunman Shoots Parked Car in Kapitolyo


Below is a story shared by Ica F. about their vehicle having bullet holes after supposedly just being parked in a neighborhood. 

Sharing the story in hopes that it reaches the proper authorities. 

Kapitolyo Shot Car Window

Story by Ica F.

Is there no place left in Manila where we can feel safe?

I was having dinner at my friend’s apartment on Sta. Catalina St. in Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig on Saturday, October 4, when an unknown gunman shot at my car’s side windows. At least four shots were fired at the right hand side of the vehicle, with the exit holes smashing the left hand windows in parallel. Two more bullet holes were found in the right hand car doors.

All of the parking slots of the apartment building were taken when I arrived at 8.45 pm, so I chose to park at an unoccupied stretch across the street. This was at least three meters away from the nearest homeowner’s garage doors and a “no parking sign” presumably posted by the same homeowner.

My friend retrieved a food item from the parked car at 10:30 pm, with no sign of damage. We heard no gunshots or any other loud sound throughout the evening. It was at around 1.45 am, when I tried to leave, that we discovered the smashed windows. 

As this was my first time to visit Sta. Catalina St, I was advised by a onlooker to drive to the barangay police outpost, where I gave a preliminary statement at 2.30 am. By 3:00 am I was escorted by PO2 Boy Abaya to Pasig City Police HQ, where PO3 Melvin Mendoza took perfunctory pictures, a written statement, and told me to search for any slugs at home and return the bagged shrapnel the next day.

Before going home I accompanied PO2 Abaya to the original site, where they were unable to find any bullet casings. They told me that that this was a sign that the gunman probably wrapped the gun to contain the spent casings, and may have used a silencer as well. They also informed me that there had been previous incidents of violence at Sta. Catalina St. triggered by parking disputes, but this was the first time that it involved a gun.

As of Sunday, October 5, a mechanic has found and carefully bagged two slugs and some shrapnel embedded in the car doors. This has not been turned over yet to Pasig City Police, as our family lawyer has advised us to hold the evidence until the CCTV footage (which is more conclusive) has been secured by the Pasig City Police from the apartment building and the neighboring houses.

Kapitolyo presents itself as a safe residential area and thriving food haven, but this incident shows that this area is not safe for visitors or its residents if anyone can shoot at a visitor’s car windows with impunity. 

Calling on the Pasig City government, the Kapitolyo barangay council, PNP and DILG to please help address this issue now.


What do you think of this? 

What should be done to better protect innocent people? 


Unknown Gunman Shoots Random Parked Car in Kapitolyo

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