United Asian Debating Championship (UADC) Manila

Tournament Poster

 The youth’s unwavering desire to question prevailing norms in society is a catalyst that constantly pushes the art of debate to flourish all over the world. The love for debate has indeed brought many cultures together, each culture bringing their specific brand of reasoning to the world’s spectrum of ideas.

In line with this, we proudly present the United Asian Debating Championship (UADC) Manila – a think tank where the greatest speakers all over Asia gather to compete in the largest international tournament in the Asians Parliamentary format.

 This is the 4th of the UADC tournament series and the first one to be held in Manila. With the first UADC held in Bangkok, the second UADC held in Macau, and the most recent UADC held in Malaysia, Manila is now the torchbearer in the Olympics of the Asian debate community.

 With over 500 participants, summer in Manila just got hotter. As teams battle it out for the coveted championship. UADC Manila is co-hosted by two of the Philippines’ most established debate societies, UP Debate Society and Ateneo Debate Society.

UADC Manila will be held on May 22 to 30 with preliminary rounds to be held in the Ateneo de Manila Campus and the finals series in UP Diliman. With glamorous social events that will highlight the Filipino hospitality and culture, UADC promises a great travel experience to its participants. When the art of debate meets the Manila skyline, surely Asia would be in for a summer adventure like no other. Indeed, UADC Manila will prove that debating is in fact more fun in the Philippines!


United Asian Debating Championship (UADC) Manila 

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