Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi Launch Cozy 2023 Fall/Winter Collection

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces the launch of the Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi 2023 Fall/Winter Collection starting on Friday, September 1. First launched in 2021, this adaptation of LifeWear that has reinterpreted and modernized the concept of underwear and clothing to bring out the beauty of each person, ends with the 2023 Fall/Winter collection line. With designs that beautifully accentuate soft curves, carefully selected materials, and comfort that pleases the skin from the moment it’s worn, this latest lineup brings the collection to a flawlessly successful conclusion.

Signature items woven from exquisite sheer material

Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi

Photo: Uniqlo

Refined materials that make bare skin look gorgeous are fused with designs that accentuate the lovely sheer feel. Mesh high-neck T-shirts and dresses with elegant pattern transitions, and a mesh bra bodysuit that effortlessly envelops the body, are signature items that add color to everyday life.

Pursuit of comfort and beauty

Proprietary 3D knitting technology, and carefully selected wool material with a soft feel against the skin, create silhouettes that emphasize curves in such items as voluminous sleeve sweaters with attractive structural designs, and knitted bra tops. A HEATTECH wool blend waffle material, developed specially for this collection, is used for T-shirts and pants that can be enjoyed as coordinates. Exceptional warmth and outstanding comfort make every moment of winter comfortable and beautiful.

Nature-inspired gradient colors

Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi

Photo: Uniqlo

The color palette draws inspiration from the natural world, such as browns reminiscent of golden ears of rice, and beige that colors the earth in autumn. Colors that combine strength and delicacy create new expressions when overlapped.

2023 Fall/Winter Collection Lineup Highlights

Total 22 Items

Category Pricing Category Pricing
Innerwear Php 390 – Php 1,990  Dress Php 1,990
Knits Php 1,490 – Php 2,490   Socks/Tights Php 290 – Php 990 

Details of 2023 Fall/Winter Collection

Launch date: September 1, 2023 (Friday)

* Certain items scheduled for launch in late October.

Store availability: Full lineup available in select stores in the Philippines, and the uniqlo.com online store

* Select items will be available at all stores in the Philippines

Special website: https://www.uniqlo.com/ph/en/contents/collaboration/mamekurogouchi/23fw/ 

About “Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi”

The Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi innerwear collection no longer distinguishes between innerwear and clothing. Comfort noticeable from the moment the garment is first worn, along with designs that beautifully accent the body’s gentle curves, lift the spirit, and add brilliance to the small moments of everyday life. This new embodiment of LifeWear incorporates the idea of helping women add color to the small areas of daily life.

Maiko Kurogouchi Profile

Maiko Kurogouchi is the designer of Mame Kurogouchi, a womenswear brand gaining worldwide recognition for the use of innovative materials, ingeniously constructed details incorporating traditional techniques, and curved lines that accentuate a woman’s beauty. The Mame Kurogouchi brand she established in 2010 continues to produce clothing that gently enriches the everyday, individual moments in which modern women live. Her commitment to creating clothing with details that allow women to live unrestricted, vibrant lives has captured the hearts of people around the world.