Unearthed: Handmade Boho-Chic Jewelry For the Crystal Lover

The thing about jewelry is that it’s a statement. You can easily introduce yourself through them. It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve, except it’s hanging around your neck or pinned through your earlobes. Whether it’s bright or sparkly or just minimalist pieces, your jewelry says a lot of things about you. And even more so when you choose handmade jewelry.

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Unearthed is a local jewelry brand that combines gorgeous crystals with quaint symbolisms. It was started by Anika Allarey in April of 2018 after deciding to make her jewelry instead of getting much too expensive ones.

Her love for jewelry started when she started creating necklaces out of shells and nylon during her highschool days. Fast-forward to the present, she’s now creating jewelry featuring crystals and gold-plated gemstones.

unearthed 2In photo: Margaux Necklace with Fluorite Gemstone (Peace, Bliss, Calming)

Any boho-loving girl would instantly fall in love with this brand’s collections. Birthed out of Allarey’s interest in the healing powers of crystals, Unearthed’s signature layered necklaces would often feature a unique crystal along with whimsical charms. You can even check what each necklace does to your energy. They’re gorgeous and functional in an unconventional way—a quirky combination.

unearthed 1 2Photo from Unearthed | In photo: Bella Necklace w/ Clear Quartz Stone (Clarity, Manifestation, Focus)

“Each piece is rich with symbolism and alive with meaning and healing and is wearable everyday,” Allarey shares.

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I loved how Unearthed’s pieces are so easy to wear with any outfit. Whether it’s for casual t-shirts or dresses on weekend date nights, these artisanal creations go well with everything I wear. Knowing that my accessories are already great on their own adds so much confidence for me.


While the layered necklaces are already so enchanting, Unearthed recently started offering dainty ear stacks that feature minimalist symbols you can wear on your ears! It’s a perfect match for the necklaces.

With these promising designs on jewelry inspired by life, nature, and spirit, what Unearthed might offer next is something to look out for.

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