UNDIVIDED: Unity in Diversity Amidst Adversity

Junior People Management Association of the Philippines is a national youth organization guided and supervised by the People Management Association of the Philippines, the country’s premier organization of Human Resource practitioners and People Managers. We, at JPMAP, create various platforms for our members that empower and recognize their capabilities as future people managers of society.


This year, the Junior People Management Association of the Philippines will conduct its FIRST-ever virtual and joint 24th General Membership Meeting and 19th National Convention on November 26-28, 2021 to be held virtually with the theme of UNDIVIDED: Unity in Diversity Amidst Adversity.

The current upperclassmen, especially the incoming 4th years, have gone through a lot of challenges and obstacles: being the pioneers of the K-12 curriculum and system, and now, the COVID-19 pandemic. The common struggle has tested us but also fortified our resolve to pursue a shared goal: To graduate, become productive members of the workforce, and be able to contribute to nation-building. The theme wants to convey its message that no one, especially the JPMAPers, will be left behind during these times of adversity, which in unity there’s strength.

We want to continuously learn while having fun and keep pace with our colleagues in spite of challenges where we are all restricted.

Furthermore, the theme of the year’s JPMAP National Conference aims to highlight the role of JPMAP in building a strong foundation that will enable future People Manager to learn about the new trends in people management, and in embracing the various innovations brought by digital disruption. With this, we want to rise together – competitive, united and committed.

The National Conference has a huge number of delegates with a total of One Thousand (1,000) from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Not only the students have shown interest in learning about the event yet there are also Educators and Practitioners have registered in the 3-day event.

The highlights of the 3-day full of learning and activities are the interesting and relevant topics of the plenary session about HR and business world, plenary workshop, various concurrent sessions you can choose from, and round table discussion to be talked over by the seasoned, knowledgeable, and experienced leaders in their field. Plus, engaging and exciting asynchronous activities and games prepared for all delegates, including the announcing of the winners for the 3 rd JPMAP Awards and a lot more.

Moreover, to improve the knowledge and skills of the JPMAPers and to exercise unity within the JPMAP community, the JPMAP-National organized different Academic and Non-academic competitions. Listed below are the list of the 2021 JPMAP National Conference competitions:

1. HR Program Design
2. HR Case Analysis
3. Essay Writing Competition
4. HR Quiz Bee Competition

1. HumoR Meme Competition
2. Click HeRe: JPMAP Photography Competition
3. SHINE: JPMAP TikTok Contest
4. HeaR me Out: Poetry Competition

1. Best Dressed Competition
2. COSMOS: Mr. & Ms. JPMAP 2021

The National Conference was sponsored by the Photo X Media, Zenvarex, Teleperformance. While SparkUp and WhenInManila.com are the event’s media partners.

Lastly, Fellowship Night is sponsored by Franchise Manila, Trust Condoms, Photo X Media, and Flexit.