Um, Are McLisse Back Together?

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After a successful love team that spawned a strong fandom, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson called it quits in 2018. Fans were saddened about the news but the actors moved on with their separate lives. Both became busy with their careers and personal endeavors. Now, it looks like they are back together.

Recently, de Leon posted a photo of the two of them, with him kissing Joson on the forehead. His caption was short and sweet: “Always all ways.”

Does this mean they are back as couple?

Trouble in paradise started during the time they were filming their movie Sakaling Maging Tayo. The duo confirmed to that they had some misunderstandings while working together, but they did not elaborate.

Joson said, “There were times when we weren’t OK with each other, but we had to set aside personal differences so we could work properly on the set.”

Meanwhile, de Leon shared, “While filming, there were times when we weren’t talking off-cam,” McCoy recalled. “We both agreed that we had to give exactly what was needed of us, and that we owe this to the people who were working with us on the film.”

After the breakup, de Leon confirmed on Gandang Gabi Vice that the breakup was tough for him. He said, “Siyempre iiyak ka kapag mahal mo. Matagal  ‘yung pinagsamahan namin… malalim… kakaiba.”

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