9 Ultra Addicting Cookies You Need to Try Right Now

The pandemic birthed a ton of online stores that sell cookies – and I’ve tried a lot of them so far. However, there are only a few cookies out there that I’ve really found myself binge-eating. If you’re looking for ultra-delicious and ultra addicting cookies, here are 9 online stores that you need to check out and order from right now.

9 Ultra Addicting Cookies You Need to Try Right Now

9. Roxy Bakes’ Chocolate Chip Cookies


Roxy Bakes Cookie

Photo from Roxy Bakes

Roxy Bakes was born in an attempt to create chocolate chip cookies that are as decadent as possible without the so-called ‘umay‘ factor. Each cookie is bursting with flavor with a surprisingly gooey-inside-crispy-outside texture that avid cookie fans are sure to rave about. Make no mistake: the cookie dough is not raw, but it has a unique texture that plays with your senses. Its rich flavor and impressive texture are sure to win your heart.

True to its name, the chocolate chip cookies are loaded with premium chocolates to make sure that you get a good fix with every bite. Another thing that’s unique about Roxy Bakes cookies is the size of the cookies. Each signature chocolate cookie is 4 ounces big with just the right amount of sweetness with a kick of salt. If you are a chocolate lover, this is the cookie for you.

8. The Queen Baker’s Baconized Cookies (@thequeenbaker)


The Queen Baker Cookies

Photo from The Queen Baker

Hale and her sisters started their cookie business one weekend in 2015 when they were baking for their family movie night and came up with the wild idea of selling them. Although one of them has since moved to the States, The Queen Baker remains to be an avenue for them to share their common love for dessert and cookies.

The Queen Baker’s first flavors were actually pretty safe – something that any kid would want. They eventually started getting creative by making cookies with a little twist – baconized cookies, earl grey cookies, and Belgian tahini cookies – all of which incorporate a homey feeling that will make you all warm and fuzzy inside.

7. Voodoo House Bakery’s Campfire Cookies (@voodoohousemnl)


Voodoo House Campfire Cookies

Photo from Voodoo House Bakery

Patrice Quinto’s passion for cooking is what really drove her to pursue a degree in HRM. What really pushed her to pursue her dream, though, was the pandemic. During this hectic time of Patrice’s life, she tried more than 70 different cookie recipes just to get the balance of flavors that she wanted. All of the time and research eventually paid off when she successfully created the perfect “magical” cookies with a dense and almost fudgy texture, and launched Voodoo House Bakery.

Chocolate chip cookies were number one on Voodoo House Bakery’s list of flavors, but their Signature cookies give those regular cookies a twist. It is dense and chewy inside, crunchy outside, and comes with hints of caramel, salt, and dark chocolate chunks. However, what you need to try are their Campfire cookies. These treats are sure to make you nostalgic, especially if s’mores were a go-to childhood snack of yours. Don’t miss their holiday promo, either: get a 10-peso discount for every box of cookies you order until December 30. They’ll also be releasing new holiday flavors soon!

6. The Kind Cookie’s Deep Dark Cookies (@thekindcookie.ph)


The Kind Cookie Deep Dark

Photo from The Kind Cookie

Justine Icasas has always had an interest in baking, trying out online cookie recipes and adding a touch of herself in them. Because she loved baking, her friends and family eventually encouraged her to start selling her goodies. She started out by baking Chocolate Chip Cookies before going to school and selling them to her school mates out of her pure enjoyment for it. She continued baking and selling during quarantine until she finally made things more official through The Kind Cookie.

Justine started with her personal spin on the classics: Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip, Deep Dark, The Duo, Madam White Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Lover. Then, she ventured into more exciting flavors through her Limited Edition Series: Red Velvet Cheesecake, Ube and Cheese, Café Mocha, and more. The Kind Cookie’s cookies are chewy, soft, flavorful, and made with the best ingredients and a whole lotta love. To amplify the name of The Kind Cookie, a portion of their proceeds go to different organizations and foundations across the Philippines.

5. Eat My Cookie’s White Unicorn Cookies (@eatmycookie.mnl)


Eat My Cookie White Unicorn Cookie

Photo from Eat My Cookie

Eat My Cookie is a small cookie business that started during the lockdown. “I only wanted to bake for my younger sisters at first, then my neighbors, then my friends, and now for everyone,” they share. “During these trying times, I want this tiny cookie business to help people forget about their woes and make them smile one bite at a time.”

Most of Eat My Cookie’s flavors are based on the owner’s preferences with Reese’s and Nutella being their favorite chocolates. As for the colorful and ultra-cute White Unicorn cookies, they are unique in both appearance and taste. Being crunchy on the outside and chewy and gooey on the inside, Eat My Cookie’s goodies are well worth the money. They have also partnered with Save The Children Philippines and will be donating 10% of our proceeds to those affected by Bagyong Rolly from November 8 to 22, 2020!

4. Dear Darla’s Nutella Surprise (@deardarla.ph)


Dear Darla Nutella Cookie

Photo from Dear Darla

Leah Pascua has always been a fan of cookies. During the start of the pandemic, she felt the need to make her own cookies to satisfy her cravings. She would always send them to her friends, too; and once she became confident in her baking skills, Dear Darla was born. Aside from being her passion project, Dear Darla is also an ode to her fur baby, Darla, whose name she got from ‘The Little Rascals’. 🙂

As someone who prefers traditional flavors, Dear Darla’s cookies started with the usual conservative ones: the Classic (milk chocolate) and the New York Chunk (dark chocolate). Her bestseller, though, is the Nutella Surprise – an experiment that started with her love for anything hazelnut. “There’s just something so satisfying about Nutella and I think this flavor will bring out a lot of happy memories from those who try it,” she explains. My personal favorite, though, is the Black and White, their latest flavor. Her cookies are honestly just far too good!

3. A Cookie PH’s Choco Fudge Cookies with White Chocolate (@acookieph)

A Cookie PH Choco Fudge Cookies with White Chocolate

Photo from A Cookie PH

Angelica Jane Reyes is a college student and cookie lover who saw the pandemic as an opportunity to start a small business focusing on something she is passionate about. Inspired by her grandmother’s cookies, selling her style of cookies came pretty easily for Angelica. She started mastering a cookie recipe that she found on the Internet and added a twist to achieve her ideal taste, texture, and appearance.

She started by selling her original cookie flavor to see if people would buy it. It’s like an original chocolate chip cookie, but with a chocolate button on top. When that turned out well, she came up with more flavors: S’mores with a hint of Biscoff crumbs, a chocolate button inside, and a marshmallow on top; and Choco Fudge, a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips and white chocolate on top. A Cookie PH’s cookies are so good that everyone in my family started looking for more when we finished ours… and they didn’t last a day in our household! Fortunately, their cookies are extremely affordable at only Php120 for 8 pieces.

2. KC Bakes’ Chocolate Chip Cookies (@kcbakes_)


KC Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo from KC Bakes

Kathy is a dessert lover with a dream of making the perfect soft and chewy cookies. Baking is her passion and she has always had plans of opening a cookie business. When she was able to spend more of her weekends at home earlier this year, she was finally able to bake again. She then knew it was the perfect time to turn her dream into reality. Being a true-blue cookie lover, Kathy chose flavors close to her heart while also incorporating suggestions from her foodie friends. She also continues to experiment on recipes in order to add more flavors to her roster in the future.

KC Bakes’ cookies are made with premium ingredients and are always baked fresh. They’re soft and chewy with rich gooeyness and flavors. You might be surprised to read that our recommendation from this store is their Chocolate Chip Cookies; but we have to say: they do their chocolate chip cookies right!

1. Golden Crumb Manila’s Florentine Lace Cookies (@goldencrumbmnl)


Golden Crumb Florentine Lace Cookies

Photo from Golden Crumb Manila

Golden Crumb Manila started as a craving at the height of the pandemic around June. It was a little experiment in the kitchen that eventually led to something bigger than was expected. See, no one actually planned to make a business out of it; but as they shared their banana bread loaves with friends and family whom they couldn’t see because of the lockdown and kept getting really great feedback, they decided to sell them online.

What really stands out on their menu is their unique Florentine Lace Cookies. I’m going to be completely honest and say that I have never tasted anything like it before! It is incredibly good and took me a bit by surprise when I learned that they are best eaten frozen. After one bite, though, I found myself grabbing more and more from the tin can it came in – and my goodness! It is honestly an altogether new and delicious experience that you simply have to try for yourself.

These cookies are made from an old recipe that has been improved even further to make them crispier, yet still thin and delicate at the same time. Each bite comes with a crunch and the other flavor options apart from dark chocolate are hazelnut and mint chocolate, which help elevate the taste even more. If you’re only looking for one cookie to try from this list, let this be the one. I promise you won’t regret it.

Have you tried any insanely good cookies lately? Share them with us!

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