Ukay Ukay Challenge: We Tried Recreating Looks from FRIENDS!

Phoebe Buffay

To match her eccentric personality, Phoebe’s outfits are one of a kind. While some of her outfits are too much for me (AKA I don’t have the guts to wear them), her style is my favorite out of the three women.

Long skirts are a constant for Phoebe. This is one of her outfits that I would definitely wear out today.

phoebe 2

Season 1 Episode 21: The One with the Fake Monica

The denim button-down we bought was really similar to Phoebe’s! While oversized, it looked nice when tied at the front like that. I already had a floral blue skirt on hand so we used that instead.

Friends Ukay Challenge 2

Denim Button Down (PHP 150), Blue Skirt (from my closet)

Phoebe also has a knack for printed skirts. She likes to mix and match!

phoebe 1

Season 1 Episode 2: The One with the Fake Sonogram at the End

While brighter than what Phoebe wore in episode two, this outfit still looks similar! A basic v-neck shirt partnered with a long skirt does the trick.

Friends Ukay Challenge 6

Pink Shirt (PHP 25), Orange Skirt (PHP 60)

Ross Geller

In memory of his leather pants.

ross 1

Season 5 Episode 11: The One with All the Resolutions 

I wanted to recreate Ross’ outfit so I apologize if our version isn’t as accurate. Even though the pants aren’t leather, it’s still tight and uncomfortable. That’s pretty much the goal since in this episode, Ross had to run to the bathroom to remove his pants because of how hot he was feeling.

Friends Ukay Challenge 5

Black Button Down (from friend’s closet), Black Leggings (PHP 50)


Even though it has been 24 years since the first episode of Friends was released, the show still proves to be a classic. Aside from their outfits, it’s hard not to relate to at least one of the characters. They deal with drama between friends and family, and like us, they don’t have everything figured out.

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