Ukay Ukay Challenge: We Tried Recreating Looks from FRIENDS!

Words by Camille Ong 

Photos by Caitlin Rodil, Carinna Andrea Reyes, and Camille Ong

I watched Friends almost 10 years ago. My mother bought the whole DVD set so I watched along with her. I didn’t really get all the jokes since I was barely 10 years old, but I remember the characters, the relationships, the setting, and even a couple of specific plot points. Despite watching the majority of the episodes, I can’t say with confidence that I’m a fan. It’s been too long so that’s why I decided to give it another try.

While watching, I noticed the generation gap. The first ever episode of Friends was released on September 22, 1994 so that’s a 24-year gap. The show really was a product of their time. However, I noticed their outfits weren’t too far off to what we have now. That got me thinking, what if I try to recreate the girls’ outfits?

To commemorate Friends’ 24th anniversary, we scoured the ukay-ukay stores in Anonas in the hopes of dressing up like Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, and maybe even Ross.

Rachel Green

Considered the most stylish of them all, Rachel has worn iconic outfits throughout the ten seasons. No matter the situation, her outfit always seems to be on point.

Rachel is looking preppy with her white long-sleeved shirt and checkered skirt!

rachel 2 1

Season 1 Episode 19: The One Where the Monkey Gets Away

The closest we could find for Rachel’s checkered skirt was this uneven one. The print is on point but the cut, not so much. The white long sleeves, on the other hand, look pretty darn similar.

Friends Ukay Challenge 3 1

White long sleeves (PHP 100), checkered skirt (PHP 60)

This outfit of Rachel’s is a favorite of mine. This is a perfect example of how layering should be done. She just looks so relaxed in that fashionable outfit.

rachel 1 1

Season 1 Episode 15: The One with the Stoned Guy

This black strappy dress was the closest we could find. Even though it’s lacking the buttons, it still looked nice with the long sleeved shirt underneath.

Friends Ukay Challenge 4 1

Beige long sleeves (PHP 35), black dress (PHP 100)

Monica Geller

Monica’s outfits are often laid back. She usually wears pants and oversized polos that look really comfortable. Monica’s outfits prove that you don’t need to choose between style and comfort.

See what I mean about the polos? This printed one is a nice contrast to her all-black outfit.

monica 1

Season 2 Episode 17: The One Where Eddie Moves In

While this button down is brighter in color, it’s still very flowery. The black pants are too baggy for my liking but it does the job.

Friends Ukay Challenge 7

Black Shirt (PHP 25), floral button down (PHP 70), black pants (35)

Monica has been rocking the mom jeans since the 90s! This is a simple outfit that we would wear in this day and age.

monica 2

Season 3 Episode 6: The One with the Flashback

Since I already had a similar pair of jeans, we decided to use that instead. The tank top, on the other hand, was easy to find. Almost all the ukay-ukay stores sell them in different colors.

Friends Ukay Challenge 1

Red tank top (PHP 25), ripped jeans (from my closet)