uHoo Aura Secures RESET™ Accreditation

uHoo, a Philippine climate-tech startup well known for developing smart and advanced indoor environmental monitoring and risk management technologies is delighted to announce that the uHoo Aura air quality monitor has been certified by RESET as a RESET Air Accredited Grade B monitor, and uHoo’s software as a RESET Accredited Data Provider! This puts uHoo’s technology as one of the best, if not the best, technology in this domain, globally.

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Regenerative Ecological, Social, and Economic Targets or RESET is a globally acknowledged set of standards that focus on data quality and data transparency to help built environments become healthy and sustainable. It is the world’s first certification program that is sensor-based and performance-driven. Unlike other building standards, RESET was designed with a clear understanding of the importance of air quality and why it needs to be monitored throughout a building’s entire operations. 

Monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) helps track changes in the air due to various factors including the number of people inside the building, the activities that these people perform, the materials and equipment that have been used in the construction, as well as the equipment and machines used inside offices and buildings, to name a few. When RESET Air Accredited monitors are uninstalled from a property, or the IAQ falls below the RESET standard, a building’s or office’s RESET certification will be withdrawn.

RESETcategorizes its accredited indoor air quality monitors as Grade A (Reference), Grade B (Commercial), and Grade C (Consumer). For commercial projects, there are two levels of performance when achieving RESET certification – the Acceptable targets and High-Performance targets.

According to RESET, Acceptable targets are requisite; all projects must meet the defined limits. High-Performance targets are listed as a reference for projects striving for more rigorous IAQ goals and/or for projects located in regions where ambient outdoor air quality levels typically stay within recommended health limits.


About uHoo Aura

The Philippines is the Asia Pacific region’s second deadliest country for indoor air pollution, according to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2019. Indoor air pollution is caused by several factors including solid fuels, combustion from vehicles, perfume, building materials and equipment, lamps, and the number of people occupying the space.
With uHoo Aura,  the most comprehensive indoor air quality monitoring solution for businesses and commercial built environments, Building owners, tenants, and facility managers can track 13 environmental quality factors including the IAQ parameters, listed below, necessary for buildings to combat indoor air pollution and secure RESET certification.

PM2.5 – This is produced by tobacco smoke, office equipment, motor vehicles, power plants, etc. Exposure may lead to heart diseases, asthma attacks, and various respiratory conditions. RESET sets the target level for PM2.5 indoors below 35 μg/m3. For High-Performance targets, it should not exceed 12 μg/m3

TVOCs – Total Volatile Organic Compounds are emitted by cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, adhesives, and solvents, among others. Exposure may lead to damage to the central nervous system, hives, and allergic reactions. RESET’s ideal level for TVOCs is below 500 μg/m3, and for High-Performance targets, it is below 400 μg/m3

Carbon Dioxide – Exposure to carbon dioxide (CO2) can cause headaches, dizziness, high blood pressure, and asphyxia. To prevent these conditions from happening, RESET sets the level for CO2 to be below 1,000ppm, and below 600 ppm for High-Performance targets. 

Temperature and Humidity RESET does not have any specific requirements for temperature and humidity but both must be continuously monitored as these factors can significantly influence the sensor readings for PM2.5 and TVOCs. 

Carbon Monoxide – Carbon monoxide (CO) is a byproduct of incomplete combustion of oil, coal, or wood, and can be found in tobacco smoke and smoke from vehicles. The most common effects of CO exposure are dizziness, headaches, and fatigue as CO impedes the proper delivery of oxygen to the brain. RESET strictly recommends maintaining CO levels lower than 9ppm, and CO monitors are required only in indoor spaces with combustion such as boiler rooms, warehouses, breweries, petroleum refineries, mines, and steel production sites.

Along with the above parameters, uHoo Aura also monitors formaldehyde, PM1, PM4, and PM10, air pressure, light, and sound. Users also have the option to add two more sensors namely nitrogen dioxide and ozone or choose one among sulfur dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia, depending on their specific industries and/or requirements.

All the real-time data, historical trends, and analytics can be viewed and managed using the uHoo Business dashboard which can be accessed via a computer and a mobile app, anytime and anywhere. The dashboard ensures that all the features, metrics, and functionalities are well-presented and easily understandable by the end users. 

Clients can be guaranteed that all the information presented by the uHoo Business Dashboard is reliable, accurate, and of high quality, considering that uHoo is a RESET Accredited Data Provider. RESET Accredited Data Providers are trusted software platforms and management systems that must be used for projects, offices, or buildings aspiring to achieve RESET certification.



Email and push notifications with actionable tips are also available to grab users’ attention. This empowers them to take quick action on specific air quality problems inside the building. uHoo Aura can easily be integrated with any software or building management system to create a smarter and unified approach to IAQ management. It also has a display feature where building managers can share their facility’s indoor environmental quality conditions via large screen displays installed within the building. This provides occupants, employees, and visitors with confidence knowing that the building that they are using prioritizes their health and safety.

On top of RESET certification, The uHoo Aura also helps properties obtain green and healthy building certifications such as LEED, WELL, and Fitwel, among others. Having these certifications can help boost an organization’s or building’s desirability, credibility, and brand value and simultaneously enhance their ESG (environment, social, and governance) performance. 

uHoo Aura being accredited by RESET as a Grade B monitor and uHoo being a RESET Accredited Data Provider serves as an addition to its current certifications and credentials including the Singapore Green Building Council’s Green Building Product (GBP) certification, and the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment or WEEE certification, which certifies that the uHoo Aura is environmentally-friendly in its design, manufacture, and use. 

The certifications and accreditations the uHoo Aura and the uHoo software have obtained are testimony to our commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring that our customers have the best and most environmentally responsible solution in their offices and buildings,” says Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng, CEO of uHoo.

To get to know more about uHoo and its IAQ solutions, visit https://getuhoo.com/