UGNAYAN 2017: National Alliance of Youth Leaders’ Annual Leadership Summit


UGNAYAN, the Alliance’s flagship event, is a three-day in-house national summit for young leaders in the Philippines that offers new and relevant knowledge and promotes social awareness of present-day issues of the country. Since 2015, it continues to promote youth awareness, develop a venue for cultural exchange of ideas and opinions, and instill values of teamwork, unity, and pro-activity among the young leaders of today.

In line with the official launching of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Pillar early this year in the Philippines as its Chairman, we recognize that the social and cultural aspects of a nation play a vital role in nurturing the human, cultural, and natural resources to the promotion of sustainable development across the region.

This year, UGNAYAN will elevate its reach to an international level with the theme: “UNITY IN DIVERSITY: Nurturing People and Engaging Communities towards Solidarity.”. The event will be held on June 2-4, 2017, at SEARCA, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines.

Five plenaries, with a number of workshops and competitions, will mainly compose the event for young leaders to engage in.

PLENARY 1: The Socio-Cultural Community Pillar of the ASEAN Integration

Learn all about the third pillar of ASEAN Integration, most especially on its member states’ agreement on Socio-Cultural Community that aims to forge a common identity in the ASEAN region and build a caring and sharing society that emphasizes on people’s well-being, livelihood, and welfare.

PLENARY 2: Multi-cultural Heritage and Strengthening of the ASEAN Cultural Identity

Understand the cultural diversity on Southeast Asian Region and discuss on how to establish and reinforce a unitary and common identity out of this cultural variety among member states of the ASEAN.

PLENARY 3: The Role of the ASEAN in the Human, and Natural Resources towards Sustainable Development

Discuss the role of ASEAN in safeguarding the welfare of the Southeast Asian population as stewards of the natural resources on the region to achieve sustainable development.

PLENARY 4: The ASEAN Young Leaders in the Attainment of the Goals of ASCC

Learn on what the young generation leaders of ASEAN can do to achieve Socio-Cultural Community in the region despite the challenges of ASCC, specifically the cultural variety and differences among member states.

PLENARY 5: The Role of the Filipino Youth in Building a Socio-Cultural Community in the Country

Understand the responsibility of the Filipino youth in establishing a community with a common identity, in spite of the cultural and ideological differences, that ensures the welfare of the Filipino people without compromising the natural resources and the needs of the future generation.

Event Workshops and Competitions:

  1. Essay Writing Contest (English)
  2. Essay Writing Contest (Filipino)
  3. Debate Competition
  4. Poster-making Contest
  5. Basic Masses Exposure & Community Project Proposal

Filipino youth and ASEAN young leaders aged 15 to 30 years are expected to come and participate in the event.

UGNAYAN 2017 is proudly convened and organized by the National Alliance of Youth Leaders, with this year’s lead partner institutions, National Youth Commission, Children’s Museum and Library Incorporated, Junior Council Alumni Association and Department of Foreign Affairs – ASEAN.

The event is presented by John Robert Powers and is also brought to you by our official media partners:, ClickTheCity, Inquirer POP, Maroon FM and Green Giant FM.

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