UE Building Catches Fire

A fire broke out at the College of Arts and Sciences Building of the University of the East this morning, Philippine Star reports.

UE catches on Fire

The photo was taken by a blogger, Rochelle Kawasaki, who lives nearby.

According to the news report, the fire started at 9:35 AM and reached the 8th highest alarm level as of 10 AM, today.

In addition, TXTFIRE Philippines (a dispatch server)  characterized the fire to Task Force Charlie, which means the deputy regional director of the Bureau of Fire Protection has been alerted and asked to be involved in the operations.

Fortunately, the students and faculty members are safe after being evacuated when the fire broke out. Hence, no casualties reported.

The dispatch server has reportedly managed the fire around 10:39 AM.

School Safety

This week was probably the most daunting week for the students of Ateneo, UP, and UE.

There were reports of an alleged bomb threat at Ateneo, then these two separate fire incidents happened at UP Diliman and UE in Manila.

The University of the East fire incident happened a day after the Faculty Center building of UP Diliman caught fire.

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The reason behind the fire at UE is yet to be determined, as this is a developing story.

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