UberPuppy in the US Delivers Puppies to Hang Out with You (and to promote pet adoptions)

This is by far the cutest thing I have heard all day!

In honour of the Puppy Bowl this week (which promotes pet adoptions), Uber – in some parts of the US – is teaming up with various animal organisations to deliver puppies to people’s houses to hang out with them! How cute is that?

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Some of my friends said that they felt a little sorry for the puppies who may be left with mean strangers, but fret not as there will be helpers there to make sure that they are always treated well. Seems like Uber has thought of everything!

Uber partners with local animal shelters – originally in 10 U.S. cities – which promotes adopting animals from shelters.
We too highly recommend that you adopt a stray puppy or kitty as there are definitely a lot of them out there who need loving homes. We promise that your life will be filled with much more love if you do adopt.
Right now, though, all we can do is hope that Uber thinks of doing something similar here in the Philippines, as well. Would you pay for an UberPuppy, if so? Coz I definitely would!