Uber Driver Surprises Passengers With Puppies!

Please get me on this car ASAP!

An Uber driver, who is also a Youtube vlogger under the channel “Do Good Jonathan”, decided to do a special deed when he surprised his passengers, mostly college students from campuses he drove around, with animal shelter puppies!

According to Jonathan, he wanted to provide an exciting experience for both puppies and his riders — the puppies were excited to meet new people outside their home, and of course, the passengers couldn’t get enough of their cuteness!

Do Good Jonathan also wanted to raise awareness about puppies living in animal shelters, and to encourage people to adopt instead of shopping.

Even if the kids wanted to take the puppies home, they couldn’t — instead, they could visit the animal shelter to take them home!

Watch the video that’s just full of adorable below:

Thoughts on this? Would you love to ride this Uber driver’s car?!