Uber Driver Accused of Crime Speaks Out

Just yesterday, a post by Mrs. Borja about a scary incident with an Uber driver started making rounds on social media. Uber users were taken aback by the story and began sharing her post to warn others.


Her status makes complete sense. If I were in her daughter’s situation, I too would be scared silly. With all the crime and modus happening, we can’t blame her for freaking out when the driver stopped at a dark area and 2 men got in the car. ANYONE would freak out! Though the driver tried telling her that he just needed to go to the hospital, it’s not really that easy to just randomly trust someone today.

Mrs. Borja’s post went viral making several riders or would-be riders afraid to now use Uber.

A few hours later however, the driver of the said car, Kelvin, also took the social media to explain his side.

Kelvin Side

In hopes of clearing his name, Kelvin also posted photos of himself in the hospital to prove that no harm was intended.


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We completely understand Mrs. Borja’s fear for her daughter’s life upon hearing of the incident, however let us also take note of the driver’s side in all this. He suffered from a possible stroke, something no one can anticipate. We’re pretty sure that both Mrs. Borja’s daughter and Kelvin were scared out of their wits with the whole fiasco. While Kelvin’s plan of having strangers drive his car to take him to the hospital may NOT have been the best idea, we are no place to judge what people might do when fearing for their lives. He may have thought this was the fastest/easiest way instead of waiting for an ambulance. At least now we know that what Kelvin told his passenger was the truth.

You’ve heard both sides, now what do YOU think of this?