Uber Charges SOUTH Passengers Php80-100 More On Top of Fare

If you’ve gotten this email, you’ve probably used Uber to go to the South. 80% of why I love Uber is that in the South, we can’t get metered taxis. It usually means they would overcharge you around 4x more minimum. That’s why I loved Uber! It makes everything so convenient and I am sure that I am safe.

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Uber is committed to providing safe and reliable rides wherever you are in Metro Manila. As we see more riders interested in using Uber in the southern part of the Metro, we want to make sure that Partner-Drivers are able to cover for their costs in a sustainable manner.

In line with this, starting December 7, Monday, you will see the following surcharge on top of your fare and toll fees if you enter and exit the following toll gates*:

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The surcharge is intended to help drivers who may feel discouraged from offering their services on Uber because of farther destinations, such as the southern parts of Metro Manila. With this, we expect Partner-Drivers to be in your neighborhoods, making it easier for you to get a ride when you need it. 

*For example, if you enter via Skyway and exit the Alabang toll gate, you will see a P100 surcharge. However, there will be NO surcharge if you enter the Bicutan toll gate and exit the Alabang gate. There will also be NO surcharge if you enter the Alabang toll gate and exit the Magallanes toll gate.

Does Uber earn any money from the surcharge?

Nope, the surcharge is meant to support the Partner-Drivers on the Uber system. So in this case, the entire surcharge you pay goes to your Partner-Driver. Uber does not profit from the additional surcharge.

 – Uber Manila Team

Hmm, what do you think of this new surcharge rule? Do you think it is fair? Let us know your opinions!